No matter the industry in which your business – big or small – operates in, branding is one of the most important things when it comes to success and customer building.

The right branding shapes how customers interact with you, how they think and feel about you. It’s all about creating an emotional response with your audience by creating a brand that resonates, generates loyalty and tells your brand story.

Let’s explore.

Your brand is more than just a logo
A logo is just one component of your brand. Your brand is much more than a logo on a business card or at the top of your website. It's everything working together from colours, fonts, tone of voice, imagery and of course, your logo.

It may come as a surprise, but it's also the experience a customer has in your store or on your site. A strong brand has a consistent presence across all touchpoints from virtual (websites, emailers etc.) to the real world (stores, customer service teams).

If you look at some of the bigger brands such as Aldi, Brewdog and Apple, you’ll notice they all look, speak and feel the same across all platforms and sites, ensuring the same values and ethos are visible at all times. You’ll notice that those with a strong brand can be easily identified without the need to see a logo.

Why it's important to stand for something
Gone are the days where having a great product or service is enough. Over the last year, customers have become more conscious of what the business stands for. If you’re not familiar with brand mission, vision values, then now is the time to educate yourself.

If a customer can’t understand why you are doing something and what your purpose beyond profit is, they’ll likely struggle to connect with your brand. Is this what you want? No.

So where can you start?
Think about what your brand offers that sets you apart; why do you do it this way? For example, do you pack all supplies in recyclable packaging to decrease your impact on waste and the environment?

Once you’ve identified these, shout about - every single message you put you in front of your audience should be aligned to your brand and your overall purpose, and must demonstrate that you share similar values as they do. By doing this, you’ll attract the right kind of customer who is likely to continue using your services or products.

Consumers care greatly about the impact you are having on the world, and this desire to work with brands who go above and beyond profit making has accelerated due to the pandemic. Why? Customers are drawn to the idea that by spending with you, they themselves are part of a movement to make a difference – thus, it makes them feel good too.
Key trends this year

Branding has changed massively since the first ever brand was developed, and technological advancements have played a huge part in that change. But it’s definitely not a negative. Businesses are now able to leverage technology to really meet the needs of their audience, capture their attention, and create a meaningful connection with them digitally.

So, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, you might want to explore some of the key trends emerging this year.

Immersive experiences
Customers are wanting more and more from a brand. Immersive experiences can really set you apart. This could be something as small as branded packaging or animated social headers, right through to full in store experiences which enhance all customer’s senses.

Embracing expressionist colours
One thing that won’t change is the fact that the colours for a brand should be led by the audience they want to appeal to rather than being trend lead. However, we are seeing a shift in the colours used in promotional materials and branded social assets, with many brands now opting for the bolder, more expressional colours.

Authentic messages
Customers are getting wiser. They know that the industry is saturated with great copywriters who know exactly what to say to position a brand as the ‘perfect go-to’ for product or service A, so they will be keeping their eyes open to ensure that all company output aligns to the original brand messaging.

Creating authentic messaging consistently will enable them to trust and connect with your brand, but there’s more you can do to demonstrate authenticity.

Ways to be authentic:
• Build relationships with customers and prospects through social media.
• Be consistent with your branding and messaging.
• Engage customers and prospects in conversation.
• Have values and stay true to those values.
• Be honest and transparent.

Company branding is complex, but it’s achievable. If you’re looking for support, feel free to contact Studio LWD here Contact – Studio LWD.
Author: Laura Weldon, Director at Studio LWD.