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Looking after yourself in 2020

Take on a challenge to improve your mental health this May

A quarter of Leeds runners (25%) say running has been good for their mental health during the pandemic – with 21% saying they wouldn’t have been able to get through the last year without it. However, research by running specialists, Runners Need, shows that 10% of Leeds runners said they

Make a date to menowell at virtual wellness event in support of Smart Works Leeds

An online event focused on supporting women experiencing menopause and perimenopause is taking place in support of Smart Works Leeds, the charity supporting women back into employment. Founded by Lubna Khan-Salim, a Yorkshire based surgeon and business owner of skin clinic, Time to Bloom, the Make a Date with You

Spring Equinox: how to give your mind a much needed spring clean.

What is an equinox? According to a lovely little google search to confirm my thoughts (before blurting unchecked facts to you), the equinox is when our 24 hour day is split perfectly into two 12 hour durations; meaning that we have an equal amount of sunlight to night. It only

Welcome to Yorkshire team up with Yorkshire Cancer Research to replace ‘Tour de Yorkshire’

It’s time for a new challenge, as Welcome to Yorkshire and Yorkshire Cancer Research team up to bring you the Tour de Walkshire. To walk, cycle, run or push throughout the month of May and enjoy the great Yorkshire outdoors. The aim of the Tour de Walkshire will be

How to make sure that I have a “green funeral”

At a time when the environment is influencing so many of our everyday choices, interest in green funerals has never been higher. Whether you are arranging someone’s funeral or leaving wishes for your own, there are plenty of simple ways to make it more environmentally friendly. What is a

Menopause make a date event

The Make a Date With You events are back next month with a special evening dedicated to all things menopause. From the clothes we wear, to what we eat, our skincare and emotional and physical wellbeing, the impact the menopause and perimenopause has on our lives is huge. On Friday
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