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Looking after yourself in 2020

Yorkshire tech boss donates consultancy time in aid of premature birth charity

Tim Mercer – CEO of disruptive cloud technology firm Vapour – has embarked on a fundraising mission for the premature birth charity, Borne. And he’s calling on business and IT leaders to collaborate with him to help fill the coffers. Over the next six months, Tim has pledged to donate up

Mattress Online launches innovative sleep ambassador initiative

Online retailer Mattress Online has rolled out an innovative programme to tackle sleep-related issues in the workplace and boost mental and physical health. Working in partnership with The Sleep Charity, Mattress Online has launched a Workplace Sleep Ambassador initiative and appointed its first official Sleep Ambassador. Personal assistant Tracy Browne

PRO 11 Wellbeing launch total rebrand

As avid gym goers have spent the last three months preparing for the long awaited ‘freedom day’ and a summer of events, it seems as though fitness, and the mission to attain that elusive ‘summer body’, has become more prevalent than ever before. In particular amongst young adults who have

students' Psychological wellbeing supported with new acting project

A new initiative for schools that aims to support students' psychological wellbeing has been launched by Leeds psychologist, Charlotte Armitage. The YAFTA Project, founded by award-winning businesswoman, psychologist and psychotherapist, Charlotte Armitage hosts acting classes in schools with a focus on the development of psychological skills to support individual student

Summer Skincare- get your glow on

By Lubna Khan-Salim Lubna is a surgeon, skin care expert and founder of Summertime brings long, lazy days with a gentler pace and more time spent outdoors. It can also bring changes to our skin. As our body’s largest organ and made of approximately 64% water, it

West Yorkshire charities receive £50,000 to help people engage with arts, sport and nature

Three West Yorkshire-based charities have received nearly £50,000 from the Thriving Communities Fund to help people engage more with arts, nature and sporting activities, with a view to supporting health and wellbeing. Arts and social change organisation, Space2, will work with the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and Feel Good Factor,

Leeds City College launches ‘Kinder Colleges’ initiative

Leeds City College has teamed up with Kinder Leeds to introduce wellbeing initiative, Kinder Colleges. The project aims to encourage students and staff to become champions of kindness by participating in wellbeing activities across the city. Centered around six key themes: Kinder to Self, Kinder Relationships, Kinder to the Planet,
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