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Looking after yourself in 2020

Independent Yorkshire charity wins prestigious Queens Award

AN independent charity set up by an NHS worker to help young burns victims and their families has been awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2022 (QAVS) for its work. Family Burn’s Club was founded by Yorkshire Businesswoman member, Tracy Foster BEM, a play specialist who works

Planned new Leeds maternity centre will be largest in the UK

The largest single-site maternity unit in the UK is being planned in Leeds as part of the development of two new hospitals on the Leeds General Infirmary site – providing a revolution in patient-centred care. The centre, which will link the planned new Leeds Children’s Hospital and new hospital for

Disrupting the fitness industry with Body Image Fitness

What if, your health and your fitness were centric to your personal wellbeing? Wait, we already know it is! Negative diet culture is impacting our mental health and wellbeing, but we’re so programmed with ideas of what ‘healthy’ looks like, or what we think we should look like, moving

Should other countries follow Spain's lead in offering Menstrual leave?

Spain is set to become one of the first countries to allow time off for severe period pain. If the bill is passed, women could receive three days off per month as standard, rising to five days in more severe cases. Currently, only a handful of countries, including Japan, South

Working with the body in times of grief

11am - Friday 13th May via Zoom You have probably noticed that in times of great stress we hold tension in our body. Bereavement and loss can very challenging to wellbeing and may leave a legacy in how we hold tension in our body. At the same time, grief can

Women in uncertain challenging waters with HRT shortage

Around 80% of menopausal women will experience symptoms including hot flushes, sleeping problems, mood changes and joint stiffness. These symptoms can have a drastic impact on day-to-day life and last around four years on average. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps around one million women across the UK deal with these

We need YOU to take part in The Big Plastic Count

Throughout April Greenpeace Huddersfield volunteers have been speaking to members of the public from across Kirklees about The Big Plastic Count. Volunteers showed passers-by a photo of the six months’ worth of plastic used by Everyday Plastic founder Daniel Webb (attached), and asked them to guess how many people’s
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