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Owner, Victoria Walker is passionate about ensuring that all of the team are highly trained and offer only the highest quality of Spa Days and treatments.

Although the business is temporarily closed, she has kindly offered to share her expert tips, views and guidance during the extended lockdown.

The Zzzzz


Sleep - It’s often a love hate relationship for many, a good night sleep is priceless but a bad night’s sleep is exhausting!

The hours tick by, every noise become irritating and you start to fidget... then your mind starts chattering!

If you fail to get a good night’s sleep it’s unlikely the following day you’re going to feel at your best. So, here I’ve recommend a number of steps you could try, which could help to improve your sleep quality.

Before I start, remember the key is to try out each one separately and see which one(s) have the biggest effect on your sleep quality. As everyone is different - some will benefit more for some than others.

A personal favourite of mine, which I have recommended to numerous clients…

A night cap with a twist…

At bedtime, mix the following:

1 Tablespoon of Set Honey
2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (Mother Earth preferably).
3 Mix into a mug of hot water and stir

Now put down the remote and your phone, curl up comfortable and sip away.
Admittedly, the first few times you have it it’s a very unual taste, but after a few goes it becomes quite nice! P.s This drink also has many health benefits!

It’s obvious but not always easy.

Switch off all visual digital devices 1 hour prior to bedtime. (That means no TV, Phones, LapTops, iPads etc). For some this will be simple for others this will feel like you have lost something.

Its also a great idea to have a phone bin, outside your bedroom door and on your way to bed, leave them in there, it takes the distraction away and the desire to night-time scroll when you can’t sleep!

If going cold turkey with a visual devices is proving hard, find something different to unwind with.

Read a fiction book, listen to an audio book or practice the art of meditation for 30 minutes before bedtime. This helps to relax the mind down ready for sleep.

Eating and drinking habits.

Reduce you caffeine intake after midday. I know for a coffee lover that’s not easy, I am one personally. Admittedly, when I changed my habit of drinking a coffee whenever I fancied one it did help my mind stop racing. I also really look forward to my morning flat white now as it feels like I’ve patiently waited for it!

Try not to eat 3 hours before bedtime. The hot drink I mention in point 1 will help to reduce any hunger cravings.

There is no bed like your own, however...

Check your mattress - it sound obvious but we often forget how long we have had a bed! The Sleeping Duck or the Leesa have made choosing a new mattress very easy.
The right mattress will not only help you to sleep but it will help to reduce joint and muscular tension too.

One for the Parents with young kids.

Take it in turns - Parenting and sleep are two words that often don’t mix yet are vitally important. Something my husband and I found helpful with our youngest Son was to take the night shifts in turn.

With our son, often we would both got up to try settle him, but in fact it was just because we felt we should both help. We now take the nights in turn and it means that we are not both going night after night not getting a good sleep and we feel no guilt for letting the other getting up as the shoe will be on the other foot the next night. When you have sleep, the next day isn’t quite as challenging.

If this isn’t possible to share the night duties, make the most of helpers!

When you get a few hours free, don’t panic about the ironing or washing up – think about a soak in the bath followed by a snooze on your bed and then leisurely get changed ready to collect your little person(s). It is amazing how your mindset can change from such a simple, yet essential step.

I really hope these tips and tricks are helpful.

Love, peace and joy
Vicky and Team VJW Holistic Therapies
VJW Holistic Therapies