From the gifts we buy, to the way we wrap them, and how we choose to decorate our homes, opting for less wasteful, or disposable choices over Christmas means casting a vote for a more sustainable future.
All small changes over the festive period can all add up to make a world of difference.

It is estimated that each year, us Britons throw away enough wrapping paper to circle the globe 9 times! Imagine the impact we could all make if, together, we took small steps to reduce our waste at Christmas time.

  1. Go for gift bags

Gift bags are a great alternative to wrapping paper and can easily be re-used and re-purposed time and time again.
You could also try giving plain paper shopping bags a Christmas makeover by decorating them with stamps and pens.

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Got a friend who loves fashion, a nephew who likes comics, or a spouse who enjoys sports?
Why not try adding a little personal flair to your gifts this year and re-use an old magazine, comic book or newspaper to wrap up your presents.
This recyclable gift wrapping is a great way to save some money as well as use up old paper you would have otherwise thrown away.
Just remember to double-check the headlines so you don’t send the wrong message!

  1. Stockings

Forget wrapping paper altogether, and start using a good old fashioned stocking!
There is nothing more exciting than a filled stocking at the end of the bed or under the Christmas tree.
A personalised stocking for each member of the family will last for years and becomes a lovely memory for years to come.


  1. Brown paper packages tied up with string

Ditch the Sellotape (other adhesive brands are available) this year and opt for a string to tie up those loose paper ends.
Not only will this eco-friendly gift wrapping give your presents a classic look, but it will mean you can re-use your wrapping paper without it getting torn and ruined.
Top Tip: Using your string, tie a small branch from your Christmas tree or cinnamon stick to make your gifts extra festive.


  1. Use FSC or PEFC approved wrapping paper

If you do opt for wrapping paper, looking for the FSC or PEFC logos is a great way to be sure that the paper comes from responsible sources.
These logos guarantee that the labelled wood or paper doesn't come from illegal logging or damaging forestry practices.