She Can Prosper - Helping women become the masters of their financial futures.

A new female focussed initiative has been launched in Yorkshire. She Can Prosper is the brainchild of Diane Watson whose 27 years of financial planning experience has inspired her to build an enterprise that aims to help women become more financially aware and have greater control over their personal finances.

Throughout her years working closely with clients to create their financial future, Watson noticed and uncomfortable and potentially dangerous trend – women weren’t present.

“I began to realise there was a concerning number of situations where women had become passengers in their own lives” says Diane. “I’ve seen intelligent, successful women having important life decisions being made for them.”

A startling number of married women are relinquishing control to their partner for long-term financial planning, with 56% of married women leaving vital financial decisions down to their husbands. When partnerships dissolve or women outlive their spouses, they can be left in extremely financially vulnerable situations due to hidden debt or inadequate savings. Nearly 60% of widows and divorcees said they wish they had been more involved in financial decisions earlier.

Through this initiative, Diane hopes to inspire women to become 100% accountable for their own financial well-being so they have the power to be financially independent. She Can Prosper offers inspiration and support to women of all ages and backgrounds giving them the tools they need to take control. The initiative will be offering a wide range of free and informed content, interviews, webinars, networking events and talks to create a support network for women in the region and beyond.