Yesterday was a very sad day as the nation lost a true inspirational lady. Our Queen promised to serve the nation for all of her life and oh my goodness, did she keep that promise, working right up until the end.

When she greeted the new Prime Minister Liz Truss on Tuesday she looked so elegant and composed as she always did, but she must have been feeling dreadful as the end of her life was so near, I wonder if she knew.

Her majesty was the most famous woman on the planet, the most photographed and of course the most loved. Prince Charles, or should I say his Royal Highness King Charles III has some very large shoes to fill. He had the perfect role model for 70 years so I'm sure he will lead our country as well as his mother did.

The Queen was a true role model for all women and will be missed greatly.

Rest in Peace Ma'am and thank you.