When our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced further measures to protect our nation and the invaluable services of the NHS on the 23rd March, he strategically suggested that we should stay at home whilst allowing for reasonable exercise to be taken once a day.

Whether you are just having a down day and in the current climate, struggling to smile, taking a daily walk has immense benefits. It can lift your mood, increase energy levels, improve emotional health and also boost your metabolism too.

Metabolic syndrome - the combination of increased blood pressure/cholesterol, high blood sugar, and fat around the waist-is one of the worst side effects of our sedentary lifestyle. It signals diabetes, heart disease, and even an early death. But we do have an old-fashioned cure to this modern-day disease, which you do not have to pay a membership fee to join and that is walking in the great outdoors.

Getting a solid eight hours sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health, however in stressful times, is this really possible?

Thankfully a brisk walk may be all that you need, one whereby you are not checking emails or taking calls on your mobile and merely allowing the stress hormone, cortisol to clear out of your system.

For many ladies now, there has been a sudden and significant change in their daily routines. No more Zumba classes in the gym, Yoga lessons in the studio, early morning swims or personal training sessions at home. Clearly personal safety is paramount and when walking solo it is wise to pick a sensible route (whilst also being mindful of social distancing) however planning a daily walk can be the "miracle drug" with its ability to lower risk for chronic diseases and unlike real drugs it has no side effects, is easily accessible, affordable, effective and best if all - no prescription is required!