In its third year and second premises, Harrogate Organics Company’s’ is keen to show the local community exactly what they can do to help solve life’s health problems and to illustrate that there is an alternative to the prescription.

In just a few weeks their Market Place store, is set to launch its seasonal campaign Winter Awakening which will see its Victorian façade transformed into a beautiful nature-led design which will show the areas they can help with from Bones & Joints to Mood and Sleep.

The premise behind the Winter Awakening is to both educate and assist the people of Harrogate and as part of the campaign they will be opening their doors to the public for a drop-in clinic where you can bring your health woes to the fore, and they will do their best to find a natural solution for you.

Founded by Dan Simpson and Andy Burrows, they demonstrate a commitment to the customer and the community which makes them stand apart from their competition.

The business was born after owner Dan grew tired of the failings of prescriptive medicines which he was urged to take for anxiety, stress and low mood. A daily concoction of statins, anti-depressants, beta blockers and such like surely wasn’t the answer?

Dan took it upon himself to research alternative ways to solve his problems, and Harrogate Organics was born.

Discovered along the way, the magnificent, Magnesium – known for its muscle-relaxant powers became a firm favourite in Dan’s repertoire of products. Yorkshire Businesswoman editor Gill Laidler is trying out some of their muscle relaxing Magnesium and will let readers know any differences in her blog.

The business sells 500 every week from their online store and their central Harrogate store.

When asked about H.O’s approach to problem-solving through alternative, natural means, Dan and Andy’s vision is simple; to Do The World Of Good.

“Our main purpose, and the reason we exist is to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. Natural solutions worked for me, so they can work for millions of others. Helping people function more effectively and feel better is very much our ‘why’ and getting the positive results we achieve really does make us fly.”

It is clear to see that for this brand, the community is at the heart of the business and their quest is to help healing, through natural ingredients, something which in 2023, is very welcome, is it not?

Visit Harrogate Organics at 7 Market Place, Harrogate or online at