Brand Ambition, a prominent digital marketing agency based in Leeds, has reported over £100,000 in revenue growth, significantly attributed to the contributions of Sophie Wright, a web development apprentice recruited through the Government apprenticeship scheme facilitated by The Coders Guild. This apprenticeship was funded by the Apprenticeship Levy, with ASDA contributing to Sophie's training costs.

In a strategic move to enhance its service capabilities, Brand Ambition created a dedicated web development department in 2023. This initiative not only expanded the agency's service offerings but also incorporated experienced professionals seeking new career paths. Among these professionals, Sophie has been a standout, bringing critical skills to her role in web development despite being new to the industry.

Sophie's ability to manage complex web builds has quickly made her an indispensable part of the team. Her involvement has been pivotal in the successful delivery of enhanced digital marketing strategies, contributing directly to the agency's impressive revenue growth.

Sam Raife, managing director commented: "As a growing SME, diversifying our skills and team has been crucial to our success. Partnering with the right organisations has pushed the boundaries of what we thought possible. Working with Sophie on her new career path, supported by The Coders Guild and our development partners, has enabled us to create a new department while maintaining our core focus on SEO and customer service. I couldn't be prouder of our achievements, and I'm excited to expand the department to include more apprentices in the coming months as a result of our growth."

Crispin Read, CEO of The Coders Guild, added, "It's incredibly rewarding to see experienced professionals like Sophie transition into new roles through our apprenticeship programme. By upskilling individuals who are eager for a career change, we help them achieve their goals while simultaneously meeting the specific needs of forward-thinking companies like Brand Ambition. This collaboration has been a great success, showcasing the power of targeted training and development."

Sophie shared her experience, saying, "Joining Brand Ambition as an apprentice has been incredibly rewarding. The tailored training and support provided by The Coders Guild have equipped me with the specialised skills needed for our projects and given me the confidence to take on more ambitious challenges. It’s been unbelievably empowering to see the impact my work is having both on our clients and within the company itself."

Mickey Greenhalgh,senior director – Learning, Leadership & ED&I from ASDA commented on their involvement: "At ASDA, we recognise the critical importance of skills and training in driving business success and economic growth. It’s fantastic to see the Apprenticeship Levy being utilised in such a successful way. Supporting initiatives like this helps nurture talent and ensures a highly skilled workforce for the future."

Brand Ambition’s investment in apprenticeships like Sophie’s is part of a broader strategy to foster innovation and adaptability among its workforce, ensuring the agency remains at the forefront of the digital marketing industry. This approach has enabled Brand Ambition to expand its client base and enhance service delivery, setting new benchmarks in the sector.

Local and National Impact: Brand Ambition’s success story exemplifies the potential of apprenticeship programmes to drive economic growth both locally in Leeds and on a national scale. By leveraging the Apprenticeship Levy and partnering with organisations like The Coders Guild and ASDA, Brand Ambition is helping to build a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of the digital economy.

The agency is preparing for further growth in 2024, with continued expansions in web development and paid search, alongside introducing new, cost-effective SPARK* Service Offerings. These initiatives are designed to deliver high-quality digital marketing solutions, reinforcing Brand Ambition's market position as a leader in the digital landscape.