Commercial laundry expert Wolf is tackling the cost-of-living crisis within the care industry by providing expert personalised advice, comprehensive consumption figures and additional training.

Barnsley-based Wolf Laundry has more than 30 years’ experience within the laundry sector and provides bespoke commercial laundry equipment across the UK to heavy users including care homes, universities, and holiday parks.

Recognising the energy cost pressure facing the care home market, Wolf Laundry is working with clients to help them better understand usage and educate them about the cost savings that can be achieved by switching to gas.

Wolf Laundry research, showing figures for their Primus Dryer range, reveals electricity rates reach £9.18 for a 24kg capacity load of laundry but, in contrast, the same brand of the machine holding an identical capacity fuelled by gas was almost half the price costing £4.92.

Joshua Brown, director, said: “We aim to provide the most transparent information to help our clients make the best choices for them. We cannot deny that right now gas is much more cost efficient but we’re working with customers to help them understand the options.

“We’ve recently rolled out a training programme for the care home sector focusing on achieving optimal hygiene as efficiently as possible. We’re working on a one-to-one basis with several care homes to help them find an efficient, long-term solution.

“We appreciate that our customers are making difficult choices about energy bills and trying to balance that with long term sustainability targets. Together, we’re able to come up with bespoke packages to suit a client's particular business requirements and our customers are really welcoming this helpful and transparent approach.”

Providing a comprehensive range of the best commercial laundry equipment on the market, Wolf Laundry stocks washing machines, dryers, and finishing equipment, as well as its own range of detergents and other products to assist with infection control.

Joshua added: “In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, and with spiralling energy costs, the price of a load of laundry is increasing.

“With care homes running on fine financial margins, ensuring each load of laundry is cost-effective can be one of key factors as to whether they can stay open or are at threat of closure. It’s as stark as that.”

One of Wolf Laundry’s care home clients have the Schulthess W range washing machines installed.

Steve Holroyd, secretary of Warmest Welcome Care Homes, said: "The information that Wolf has provided us with helps us make the best choices, and for us that’s still electric, but the consumption figures have shown us what else we should be considering right now in regard to how much each load of washing costs and how much that could change throughout the cost-of-living crisis.

“With costs rising, we were able to consider everything very carefully to ensure that we can save money where necessary and ultimately, have additional resource for other needs within the care home.”