Sonia Schofield is an award winning wedding make-up artist based in York. She works in tv, film and fashion. She gives private skincare and make-up tutorials at her studio in York and is currently doing online make-up lessons via ZOOM. Here, Sonia shares with us some of her recent beauty finds.

My favourite skin pampering products


Most of my time is spent ensuring everyone looks fabulous, with glowing skin and flawless make-up. I decided to use the extra time I had for myself during lockdown to really treat my skin to some pampering and I have really noticed a difference. Not only is my skin glowing but I also feel so much more relaxed for taking time for myself.

I have fallen in love with the most amazing smelling products by Clockface Beauty. Each time I use them, I feel like I have been transported to a calming spa. The formulas feel rich and luxurious and the natural oils make me feel so relaxed.

The cleansing balm melts off make-up straight away leaving the skin feeling comfortable and soft. Some cleansers leave the skin feeling tight, but this cleans thoroughly without feeling like the skin has been stripped of its oils.


I wish I had discovered the Clockface Beauty face scrub years ago! I have used exfoliators since my teens and have always been very fussy. I like them to be gritty enough to feel like they are doing something but those are the ones that usually leave my skin feeling dry. Scrubs that are gentle and non-abrasive never feel like they are doing that much. The Clockface Beauty face scrub has delivered exactly what I want by feeling like it’s giving good exfoliation but afterwards my skin feels silky smooth. Because it contains oils it does not leave you with tight and dehydrated feeling skin. I would happily recommend this scrub to my clients with dry skin as it would not dry them out further. I found my make-up went on so much smoother after using this scrub.


I tried 2 of the Clockface Beauty masks and my favourite was the Green Clay and Rosewood. This mask does an amazing job of deep cleaning the skin without disturbing its balance. My skin feels so much cleaner when I use it but also very soft and nourished.


I follow the cleanser, scrub and face mask with the moisturising balm with has a very rich and nourishing texture. For me this has been the perfect night time pampering routine. I would recommend these products to many skin types, especially to those who suffer with dry skin.

For my eyes I have started using gel eye masks from Arbonne. You know when you wake up and you have creases around your eyes from the pillow? Well I do anyway, now I am nearing 40! These are great to leave on in the morning before you do your makeup to smooth these creases away. After 15 minutes I notice my wrinkles appear smoother and my eyes less puffy. They will be perfect in my kit to treat my brides on their wedding morning before make-up application!


Another fantastic discovery has been The Ordinary peeling mask. After the first use my skin looked so much clearer. It is an exfoliating treatment which helps with spots but also with fine lines. The texture of my skin has improved and I have seen less breakouts since using it. You can see me using The Ordinary mask in my YouTube video here.

My skin is the best it has been in a long time and I am putting it down to this combination of products and of course most importantly SPF 50 everyday!