After gaining an impressive catalogue of experience within the beauty industry, Claire Raby – founder of Amica Aesthetics located in Roundhay, Leeds – has become one of the UK’s leading authorities in aesthetic treatments and training, and for very good reason.

Having worked on an eclectic clientele of ages, skin-types, textures and complexions for almost a decade, Claire’s now making it her mission to change the perception of the industry and the misconceptions against those who seek aesthetic treatments.

She’s set out to prove to those with negativity towards the industry that, although the reasoning for seeking out aestheticians like herself is for the pursuit of beauty, beauty is in fact a feeling not a look.

Claire said, "Beauty is more than meets the eye. There are a lot of misconceptions that surround the aesthetics industry which often lead to negativity. But what we do here at Amica makes nothing but a positive impact on our clients. We're not here to tell people that beauty is a certain look or aesthetic because no two people arrive here looking the same, so we certainly don't want them to leave our clinic looking the same either!"

She continued, "Beauty is a feeling. I can prove that time and time again as I watch clients, who are all beautiful in their own unique ways, fill up with confidence at our clinic. Beauty is taking care of, and loving yourself. We're grateful to play just a small part in that for our clients."
Speak with the legions of clients that have visited Amica’s clinic over the years and they’ll consolidate this stance with stories of finding confidence and improved self-esteem.

This message is one that Claire also pushes to her students at Amica Aesthetics Academy which has been open since 2021 and in that time has trained over 300 students.

The academies in depth training programme, sees students complete their training in small class sizes to ensure attention to detail is maintained and that each student gains the essential, and vast, amount of knowledge necessary to embark upon a career in the aesthetics industry.

Claire said, “My mission with the academy has always been to train students that truly care about their clients. To do so, we talk with our students about the importance of instilling confidence in clients and not administering treatments without consideration for the clients wellbeing first. We want to work towards a better, more regulated future for the aesthetics industry and we train students with the same vision.”

It’s this approach to training, and the ongoing student support offered, that has seen the academy receive multiple industry awards and accolades such as being named the top rated training academy in the UK for two consecutive years by the Centre of CPD Excellence.

With new legislation which is set to impose stricter regulations on the industry coming into fruition later this year, Claire’s vision for a safer, more regulated environment is clearly one that’s held by many.