Catherine Zeta-Jones is an Oscar, Tony and BAFTA winning actress who has long been known for her exquisite red-carpet style. She is also a dancer, mother, wife and entrepreneur who embraces easy yet elegant everyday looks. She has now launched her new ready-to-wear collection for her Casa Zeta-Jones brand.

The Casa Zeta-Jones clothing collection started with conversations between Catherine and Universal Alliance about the ethos of the brand, who they wanted to dress, the aesthetic and direction of the collection.

“It took the course of a year to develop the collection. We have created a collection that not only embodies my vision, but speaks to my customer, a multi-faceted, modern and confident woman who's living a dynamic life,” said Catherine.

"We wanted it to represent a real lifestyle, that dresses women from morning to night, as we like to say from 'everyday to extraordinary."

“Before I met Catherine I knew she had exceptional personal style, but as we spoke more I began to realize Catherine really understands design, color, finishing, proportion and fabric, " said Fred Tutino, creative director of the Casa Zeta-Jones collection. “We would start talking about one idea and then as the conversation progressed we would come up with twenty more. It is a very fluid partnership."

The Collection is made using luxurious natural fabrics such as silks, cottons and cashmeres. Whether it’s for easy day dresses, chic yet casual sweaters and knit lounge pants, or your new favorite go-to luxurious blouse and perfect form fitting pant for an evening out, everything has a premium look and feel. The collection is fashion forward but designed to convey effortless style. Catherine likes to describe it as “timeless classics with a feminine sensibility”.

The spring collection Future Natural by Casa Zeta-Jones collection takes its inspiration from the colors, shapes and textures found in nature mixed with an edge of modern luxury.

The Ready-to-wear collection is available at: