On Monday 8th February, Rachel Peru, who is a leading Body confidence activist, silver haired curve model and champion of midlife women, is hosting a full day of live Instagram interviews with inspiring women from all walks of life, sharing inspiring stories and insights into life after 40, as she sets to spread positivity, alongside raising money for 2 charities close to her heart, which also support and champion women, Smart Works Leeds and Motherwell Cheshire.

The event, to be hosted on Instagram.com/rachelperu1, running for over 12 hours, 8.30am-9.30pm has gained support from much loved celebrities including ex Atomic Kitten turned health and wellbeing entrepreneur Natasha Hamilton; Natalie Anderson Actress, Presenter, Podcaster, Businesswoman; BBC Radio’s Stephanie Hirst; TV and radio’s Katy Hill who is also a podcast host and Khrystyana - American model and body confidence activist, as seen on Americas Next Top Model and founder of the Real Catwalk.

Sitting alongside these fabulous famous faces are real life stars who have achieved incredible feats such as Misba Khan -the oldest woman in the All -Woman expedition team that skied to the North Pole; and Jo Gardiner -55 year old Finalist on Series 2 Race Across The World.

Supporting them with advice and knowledge from their work with midlife women across the world is Health & Beauty expert Lubna Khan, Star Monroe, a ‘reclaiming your midlife’ power coach and Helen Garlick, Author of No Place To Lie.

Between them they hope to reach over 1million women, spreading the messages of self love, body confidence and the power of finding your voice, with a bid to inspire other women in midlife to embrace it and find joy in it.

Rachel, a 50 year old mum of 3, has also reached out to others on her inspiration list including Meg Matthews (who she has previously interviewed), Patsy Kensit and Gok Wan - so you never know more famous faces might make an appearance too!

The event is in celebration of Rachel launching her new podcast series for 2021 - Out of the Bubble, and she wanted to mark the occasion by giving back, after she herself has been given fantastic opportunities to shine in midlife, thanks to her contract with Bridge Models which has seen her star on ad campaigns globally for Figleaves, Tesco’s FF Active wear with Davina McCall and JDWilliams television commercials.

Rachel broke barriers when she appeared in a ground-breaking Swimsuits for All campaign with Ashley Graham, and her career was launched from there. After starting a new career in modelling aged 46, Rachel now champions women in midlife and inspires others to step out of their comfort zone to become more confident through sharing other women’s stories on her weekly Out of the Bubble podcast. Interviewing women from all walks in life including Meg Matthews, Olympic champion Jenny Stoute and celebrity stylist Nicky Hambleton Jones, Rachel has recently been recognised in Platinum Magazine’s top 50 influencers of 2020 list.

Rachel said: “Women supporting women is at the heart of my podcast so what better way than to host a Midlife Inspirathon raising money for two womens’ charities. As someone who is now embracing midlife I feel passionately about playing a role in inspiring others to do the same. If someone would have told me in my twenties and thirties that I would become a full-time model in my late forties I would never have believed them. I lacked confidence and had always struggled with my body image, trying every new diet out there, every new exercise class in the belief that if I was thinner with a smaller bust then I would be happy - to the point where I actually booked to have a breast reduction because I hated the size of them and honestly thought this would make me feel happier, thankfully I reconsidered. It makes me feel sad that I wasted so much time and energy on these thoughts instead of living life to the full. I know many women as they get older tend to lose rather than gain confidence but I want to reverse this trend!”.

She added: “What I have become most passionate about is being able to represent women in midlife and help challenge the media and fashion industry. I am finally happy in my skin and have never felt more confident about my body, but I am aware so many women in midlife come to a body confidence crisis and when you look at how invisible in media, marketing and the fashion industry it’s hardly surprising. I know so many women who are now so much stronger and fitter in their midlife, taking up new sports and activities, how about sports brands using and highlighting these women in their campaigns and imagery? I think women in their midlife have an inner confidence that exudes beauty and sexuality, to be celebrated and admired.”

“I have found so many interesting and inspiring women in their fifties on social media that are starting new careers, taking up new hobbies and really embracing this next chapter that make you realise we all have so much to offer and we certainly shouldn’t be written off. This led me to starting the “Out of the Bubble” podcast interviewing midlife women, all with different stories to tell who can inspire others and hopefully set a spark for someone who’s on the edge of wanting to try something new and just needs a push of self-belief.”

Rachel hopes that her charity Inspiration will provide the insight and motivation for more women to embrace who they really are.

For the full itinerary of the charity Inspiration line up follow Rachel on Instagram at @rachelperu1

If you would like to donate to either charities – please visit JustGiving - https://www.justgiving.com/team/MidlifeInspirathonwithRachelPeru