Skin care tips for December

Enjoy healthy and glowing skin even during the cold and windy winter season with these simple yet effective tips. With the excitement of the Christmas season and the holidays, it is easy to forget the importance of a renewed skincare routine that gives us a soft and healthy skin. No more hiding behind chunky scarfs and beanies, this winter, instead enjoy the season with skin that glows.

No scalding showers

Its windy and freezing and the temptation is strong to warm up under a scaling hot shower. While this may be comforting it is not helping your skin at all. The hot water makes your skin drier and leaves it with dry itchy patches. Train yourself to shower in cooler water which is less irritating for your skin. Also avoid harsh cleansers and instead during the winter months look for gentle creamy cleansers and even better if possible, use Micellar water instead of a cleanser on your face.



Aim to use a gentle exfoliator on your skin, once a week, to rid it of unwanted dry skin. Exfoliating is very important during winter and will help soothe your skin and remove dullness so that your complexion glows and looks brighter. Not only your face but your whole body will benefit from weekly exfoliating during the cold months.


As soon as you step out of the shower use a thick moisturiser and serums to lock in the moisture and act as a healthy barrier. You should moisturise all over – face, body, hands and lips. Have the correct products for each area so that it gets the correct protection from the elements. Be sure to moisturise regularly throughout the day, especially your hands and lips. Another very important tip is to continue with sunscreen even though it may seem unnecessary.

Night hydration

Night time is the perfect time to give your face a hydrating boost. Slather on a thick moisturiser, oil or serum and let it go to work nourishing and replenishing your skin, while you sleep. In the morning you will wake up to noticeably smoother and softer skin that is ready to face the chilly outdoors.



Your skin needs to be hydrated internally as well. While you are taking all these steps to keep the external moisturised don’t forget to stay hydrated internally as well. This means you should make a conscious effort to drink a lot of liquids throughout the day and to supplement with nourishing food that has omega-3 and omega-6 to help you skin retain moisture and bounce.


Invest in a humidifier. During winter it is important to go out and expose your skin to fresh air even if that air is freezing. Once home though, use a humidifier to add moisture to the air which in turn helps keep your skin hydrated. Try and have a humidifier running in whatever room you are spending time in for maximum benefit.