With so many misnomers floating around about how, what, when and where to apply SPF, here are a few of the must-dos for safeguarding your skin from the sun's rays - especially now, when many of us are spending more time in the garden enjoying the glorious sunshine we have been blessed with recently.

MYTH: Just coat your skin, and you are covered


TRUTH: Most people apply only 25-50% of what they need, a thin coat simply is not enough. Rub at least a shot size glass amount on exposed areas.

MYTH: Sunscreen doesn't expire

TRUTH: Most bottles have an expiry date, and for a very good reason. Chemical formulas can change over time, especially with exposure to heat or sunshine.

MYTH: You need a special suncream for your face

TRUTH: SPF is SPF, so one product can do it all, according to the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab. It is acceptable to use a face sunscreen if other formula feel heavy on your skin, however it is vital to use a high level, for best protection.

MYTH: Apply sunscreen every two hours


TRUTH: Because perspiration (and swimming, not that we can enjoy this at the moment) can make SPF wear off sooner, it may be necessary to apply more often than the oft-cited "every two hours rule"

We agree that the sun can make us feel happy and the Vitamin D produced by our bodies is beneficial however, all too often we can over-do our sun exposure and the self-care is paramount.