March 2021 saw the launch of the new swap, buy and sell sustainable fashion app Clobber SwapTM. Born from a private Facebook group pre-covid before lockdown, last January, the business idea grew into a successful Facebook community and has now evolved further by members’ request into their very own Clobber SwapTM app.

“Clobber SwapTM is the celebration of women and fashion!” explains the founder, Camille Johnson. “Whilst I may have started this, the ladies who signed up to this, have taken real ownership. Together we have created something really special and unique over the last fifteen months with sustainability being at the heart of the idea. I originally intended to swap good or unworn clothes with female friends and family, advertising clothes that were too good to throw away or donate. If they went to a good home and people loved them, I was happy. This idea organically grew, fuelled by the need for an environmentally and financially sound way for women to indulge in fashion, without the need for a credit card or guilty conscience!”
The app allows members to search for items easier and safeguards the community, it’s principles and ideals creating a safe haven for women to swap and sell.

“I have felt so passionate about this community from the humble beginnings, because it is more than just an alternative buying platform. The Clobber love, supportive comments and gifts included in the parcels being sent around the country warms my heart every day. It feels safe. It is about mutual support. It simply makes me proud to be a part of this female fellowship of fashion.”

Camille launched the group with just 32 members January 2020 and without any promotion, the membership grew by word-of-mouth. Within only 6 weeks there were nearly 6000 members, serving over 15,000 monthly posts to swap or sell.

“In addition,” The founder enthuses “The benefit of swapping clothes reduces the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Collectively we can all make a move away from fast fashion and benefit our wellbeing and community too.”
Camille’s passion is infectious and underpins the meteoric growth of the company. Her 25 + years in business and as Co-Owner of a successful marketing and advertising agency has been utilised in bringing the look and feel of the app to reflect the core strategy of helping women look good and feel fabulous, every day, without it costing the earth.

“Now the app is launched, we are hoping to attract more people and whilst anyone can download the app, the 35+ age group seems to be particularly popular within this sustainable fashion frenzy. Members can have a play around for free or if you would like to join in on activity and start swapping, buying, or selling items it is just £3.99 per month, with no commission to pay. Some members were paying up to £150 per month in selling fees with other platforms like eBay and Depop.

“This is a much more affordable way to make the most of unwanted items and the surprises received in the packages create smiles, #Clobberbuddies and a huge dollop of #Clobberlove.”

Download today on Google Play or visit the App store, search Clobber Swap.