A Leeds based Mum of three is excited to offer NHS workers who are at risk of losing their jobs a FREE mentorship programme in January, with the aim of empowering them with the confidence to take their career in a new direction as they become more disillusioned with the enforced mandates being placed on them.

With the governments proposal for all front-line NHS staff to have mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations having been approved on December 15th, there are now many doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who, due to their own personal reasons for not wanting the vaccine, are at risk of losing their jobs from 1st April, when the new measures will come in to force.

According to the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) “of the 208,000 currently unvaccinated workers in the sector, this legislation will result in 54,000 (26%) additional staff being vaccinated and 126,000 (61%) losing their jobs as a result of not complying with the requirement of being vaccinated.”

Corporate Escape Mentor Lou Hynes, who empowers professional women to break free from their corporate restraints and choose a path that is more fulfilling in her private 1:1 coaching programmes, feels compelled to help these people who are now at a crossroads and unsure which way to turn.

With an ‘optimistic’ prediction of hospitalisations peaking at 2,000 per day and an overall admission rate of 175,000 between December ’21 and April ’22 it’s clear how much the NHS staff are needed in their roles. Regardless of your position on the Covid-19 vaccine, the unfairness of having no choice in the matter or risk losing a career you have worked hard for sits heavily on Lou’s moral compass. Hearing people speak of losing a job they love and having no idea which way to turn next, as well as people who are feeling increasingly jaded, frustrated and sick of having the goal posts moved has made Lou want to do whatever small thing she can to help.

Having pivoted from an unhappy and unfulfilled corporate career where she also felt lost, stuck and demotivated, to starting her own business helping women figure out their own next steps beyond the boardroom, Lou felt compelled to reach out to the NHS workers and offer her mentorship throughout January as a means to empowering these caring people who feel they are left with no choice.

Through her offer of FREE mentorship and coaching over 4 consecutive weeks in January Lou hopes to provide these healthcare workers with an increased sense of confidence, a reminder of their unique skills and talents, the tools to unlock their core values (who they are at their core, what’s important to them and why this matters) and equip them with essential mindset techniques to help them deal with the inner voice telling them they can’t do it or they’re not good enough. Along with the supportive community spirit that Lou is known for fostering the NHS workers will have the opportunity to share the space with others going through the same thing and work together to build each other up.

Lou said “I couldn’t sit by and watch all of these caring, passionate people who have worked so hard lose a career they have built up over many years without trying to do something to help. Being penalised for making a personal choice and taking autonomy over their bodies simply doesn’t sit well with me. If I can help in some small way by empowering them and guiding them to a new career path that lights them up then I see that as my small thank you for all the times the NHS has cared for me and my family.

“With this 4 week course I hope to share some of my skills and experience in helping others find a way out of a career that no longer serves them and into a direction they can feel passionate about again. Having been there myself and having helped multiple women to do the same I know with my guidance they don’t need to feel disillusioned and jaded but can use this as an opportunity to create an exciting new future for themselves.

“It’s my aim to provide a supportive community of people who are all in the same boat – scared, alone and worried about their future. Together we will build each other up, cheer each other on and inspire each other to bigger, better things in 2022. I hope to help them see this is an experience to learn from and grow through and not as something to fear. I want to empower them to take their future into their own hands.

“At the beginning of this pandemic we were encouraged to stand on our doorsteps and clap for these heroes who are now being treated as villains, simply for wanting to retain autonomy over their own bodies and choosing not to have the vaccine. I believe these NHS workers have their backs against the wall and feel they have no choice. They either choose to have a vaccine they do not want and keep their job (which will lead to an increasing sense of resentment) or be forced to leave their job and leave an already pressured NHS even more floundering.”

Lou’s free 4 week programme will commence in January and will run via Zoom for 60 minute sessions. She is currently collating the names of those who are interested in taking part at lou@louhynescoaching.com