This month, Sarah Hardy our Yorkshire based book blogger shares her views on "Final Cut" by SJ Watson

Publisher: Transworld Books
Kindle/Hardback/Audio/Paperback: 6th August

This is a story that flicks between then and now which gives us the opportunity to find out about events from the past which are having an effect on the present day.

Blackwood Bay is a small community that holds some dark secrets. Alex doesn’t get the warmest of welcomes as residents look on her with mistrust at her intentions of filming there. I have to say the setting of the story adds to the whole atmosphere of this book. There is a darkness that shrouds it that gave me shivers the further into the book I went.

As psychological thrillers go, this one definitely packs a punch with some shocking twists that I hadn’t seen coming until they hit me fully in the face. The tension is taut and the revelations of what had previously happened as well as still going on, made for some uncomfortable reading at what some of the characters had to endure. It ensured though that I kept turning those pages.
Final Cut is a must read for fans of psychological thrillers. It is a dark, tense and shocking read that will definitely give you the chills. There aren’t any particularly likeable characters within the story but that didn’t matter to me as you sometimes find this with this genre. It does however make for a compulsive read that was always at the back of my mind even when I wasn’t reading it. Definitely one to add to your TBR pile.



The phenomenal new thriller from the multi-million-copy bestselling author of Before I Go To Sleep.

Blackwood Bay. An ordinary place, home to ordinary people.
It used to be a buzzing seaside destination. But now, ravaged by the effects of dwindling tourism and economic downturn, it’s a ghost town – and the perfect place for film-maker Alex to shoot her new documentary.
But the community is deeply suspicious of her intentions. After all, nothing exciting ever happens in Blackwood Bay – or does it?
Blackwood Bay. An ordinary place, home to an extraordinary secret.
'I loved that behind this disturbing and clever plot there's a genuinely heartrending story.' Emma Curtis

'If you go down to Blackwood Bay, you're in for a dark surprise. FINAL CUT is a masterfully tense, taut and terrifying thriller.' Tim Glister

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