Question: What advice would he give for someone wanting to let their grey hair grow out and the best products to help manage grey hair?

Andrew says: I’m often asked this question and growing out colour to reveal natural grey hair is a long process as the hair only grows approx 1.5cm per month and at some point may involve cutting away the older coloured hair to reveal the new natural colour.

There are ways a professional colourist can remove some of the built up coloured hair and blend the two areas, this will take a number of visits to the salon and involve a transition period before achieving the desired end goal.

There is no such thing s grey hair only white hair and the mix of white and the original coloured hair gives the impression of grey hair. Very few people go totally white and usually have a two tone effect where the hair atet back of the head remains a majority of it’s colour and the hair at the front of the head becomes predominantly white, often referred to as the badge effect. Grey (white) hair is generally coarse, wiry in texture and lacks sheen and may be difficult to style but for many it’s desired instead of regular 4 weekly re touch colour visits to the salon.

At my salon if clients are challenged by regular colour appointments I steer them to a less comital colour of a few visits per year of some form of bespoke highlighting to soften grey hair rather than totally disguise it.
Even a few scattered lights around the face can transform the overall look of the hair adding multi dimensional tones, texture and movement.