Perrin Read
Roth Read Photography

During this time of uncertainty, people are looking for alternative ways to communicate. Perrin Read from Roth Read Photography and her partner Lincoln, have found the perfect solution.

Lincoln and I have attended several meetings and networking events via Zoom this week. Even if we are unable to conduct business just now, it is a healthy way to support one another and boost morale.

We have come up with five ways to help you look good on Zoom, which you may find useful:

  1. Do you have a pop up banner? Great! Put it up behind you so attendees can see who you are.
  2. Check what's behind you before dialling in. Is it untidy? What pictures are on show? Can you display any products?
  3. Face a window so you will be lit up with natural light.
  4. Have your camera at eye level. You don't want attendees to look down on you. And they don't want to look at your ceiling or up your nose!
  5. Don't be too close to the camera - attendees don't want a big moon face filling their screens!

I hope you find this helpful and happy Zooming!