A digital projects manager has been appointed at Yorkshire based chartered accountancy and business advisory firm, Hentons, in response to a 600% increase in the number of clients moving to cloud accountancy services in the last two years.

Robyn Jones (pictured) is a cloud accountancy specialist with more than seven years’ industry experience.

Partner, Tim Baum-Dixon, who is head of digital said: “Our shift to digital accounting began in 2015, and our business and clients have really embraced the change. With dedicated digital teams, we have led the way in terms of innovation and Robyn’s appointment will ensure even more clients benefit from the cost and time savings, as well as the invaluable business insights, that cloud accounting provides.”

Robyn added: “Digital accounting increases the profitability of businesses and Hentons has everything in place to ensure it is at the forefront of Making Tax Digital. In-order to run an efficient bookkeeping facility within any business, cloud software to store and process data is essential.

“Time previously wasted on manual bookkeeping, excel spreadsheets and piles of paperwork can now be utilised in better ways. By automating invoices and receipts through cloud software and the introduction of open banking, clients can save time. Software packages such as Xero and Dext help streamline and automate internal bookkeeping functions and ultimately provide invaluable data and insight into the real time finances of a business.

“As with all technological change there will always be early adopters and those that resist change, and my role is to ensure everyone moves to the cloud because they can see the value in it – not just because they have to.”
Currently all VAT registered businesses must submit returns digitally. As of the 6th April 2023, HMRC aims to implement Making Tax Digital for self-assessment, and by 2026 Making Tax Digital will become mandatory for corporation tax purposes.

Tim added: “Robyn is a forward-thinking professional who will ensure all clients are not just compliant, but that they can access a full suite of digital finance functions and business insights from anywhere in the world that will ultimately support business growth.”