321Move are proud to offer advice to those selling or inheriting property through probate during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Unfortunately, the recent rise in deaths due to COVID-19 has led to a rise in properties being sold through probate.

For those inheriting property through probate, the last few months have been a particularly difficult time. 321Move are proud of offer guidance and advice for those who are now unable to sell their home due to lockdown restrictions.

In the UK and Wales, probate is the process of sorting a person’s financial affairs after their death, including the sale of a property. However, the lockdown measures have meant that the house selling process has ground to a halt.

The lockdown measures have made it difficult to carry out valuations, house clearance and the standard processes that come with selling an inherited property.

Spring is typically a boom-time for property sales; however the virus left the majority of the UK housing market frozen. As the UK moves into the summer months and lockdown begins to ease, property firms and estate agents are eager to get back up and running.

A spokesperson for 321Move said: ‘many are desperate to know ‘how long does it take to sell a house through probate?’. Probate is typically a lengthy process and can take between 6 -12 weeks to apply for the Grant of Probate necessary. In addition, the sale of a home through a traditional estate agent is long process’.

‘While we can’t give people a definitive answer, we are able to help them navigate the probate process and help them begin to move on with their lives.’