Article: Claire Kenny.

It’s been a rubbish few months because of various random health issues, including dizziness and anxiety that have scared me and made me stay home as much as possible.

But guess what, it turned out that these are perimenopause symptoms. I knew it caused anxiety but had no idea it caused dizziness and have driven myself barmy catastrophising (perimenopause and health anxiety are a worse combination than neon pink and a hot flush.)

I felt like I was here physically, but not mentally, and it frightened me. My lowest point was having to pull into a service station because I felt so panicky while driving, which has never happened before. Feeling too scared to do my radio show (which is a dream come true) wasn’t great either. I worried that I was on the verge of a breakdown, even though logically I know I love my life and am usually pretty positive.

All this helped me see that my hormones were the issue – not me. And that helped me take control.

I worry that talking about menopause is self-indulgent when there are of course people who are far worse off. But the thought of other women thinking they’re losing their spark, their sanity or their health makes me want to try and help.

And writing in Yorkshire Businesswoman is more efficient than permanently wearing a sandwich board.

So if you're struggling with worrying symptoms, remember you're not alone, talk to a doctor, and don't let them dismiss it without at least discussing it.

Despite how awful this feels, it won't last forever. And asking for help could be the difference between living and just existing.

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