Think Valentine’s Day, think fancy restaurant or home cooked gourmet cuisine, but the team at I am Doner know that’s simply not the reality for the majority of their customers. Between late running Zoom meetings, putting kids to bed and an endless list of domestic chores, the average couple will be lucky to remember the night at all.

I am Doner founder, Paul Baron, says “All the added pressures of increased energy bills and everything just being that but more expensive this year, means that we are hearing from our regulars that many of them are just skipping Valentines Day altogether.”

With the idea to offer people an affordable, stay at home alternative to the grand gesture or cheesy card, the team at I am Doner are offering kebabs at candlelight, with a mini-candle for any order with two kebabs or boxes for takeaway or home delivery, while limited stocks last. As well as helping to create a sense of romance, it’ll also mean people can switch off the lights for an hour or so, saving on electricity as well.