During lockdown, we have had the pleasure to connect with experts in fashion, health and beauty from across the Yorkshire region, including award-winning Sonia Schofield, MUA.

Sonia runs her own business as a freelance hair and make-up artist, working in Yorkshire but also on Destination weddings abroad. She is the head of hair and make-up for York Fashion Week and has won the North of England wedding award two years in a row! She works in film, tv, fashion and spends most weekends doing make-up for weddings. During the week she offers private skincare and make-up tutorials at her home studio in York. Since lockdown she has kept herself busy by setting up her own You Tube channel.


Since lockdown many of us have had to connect with our loved ones with video calls and conduct business meetings online. This has been extremely difficult for me as I am a complete techno phobe! Anyway, I got over that eventually and realised the next thing was that everyone could see what I looked like on the screen and for talking to potential clients I thought I needed to up my make-up game! I realised a nude lip did not show up and without extra bronzer I just looked washed out. I have worked out how to get ready for a zoom call quickly and with minimal products for when I do not have much time. Home schooling and all the other jobs around the house leave me just as busy as usual to be honest!

Before I start on the make-up tips, you need to think about a few other things first.

Make sure you are sat in the most flattering light. Ideally the best light is natural light coming in through a window and on to your face. Not too bright or you will disappear! If you want to do your zoom meetings from an office with no natural light, I recommend buying a ring light that you can place in front of you. People need to be able to see you properly. I try to have my lap top camera slightly above my eye line to avoid the dreaded double chin making an appearance! I try to think about what is in the background and keep it tidy as people will be looking!

What make-up do I need?

1.Tinted moisturiser or bb cream.
2. Under eye concealer.
3. Bronzer.
4. Lipstick for cheeks and lips.
5. Mascara
6. Eyebrow pencil.

I do not think people are going to be close enough to see every blemish that we have so do not worry about trying to do a full face of foundation with contouring and powders etc! A light tinted moisturiser is enough to give a quick hint of colour and radiance to the skin. If you want to look more awake, then a quick swipe of under eye concealer will brighten the eyes instantly. You lose colour when you are on video so I would highly recommend using a bronzer to warm up your skin. Apply this with a medium sized powder brush to where the sun would naturally hit (cheek bones, nose, chin and temples). Skip eyeshadow and eyeliner as it wont necessarily show up as much as a bright lip will. If you have time, there is nothing to say you should not do shadow and liner! Defining your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or powder will help to frame the rest of your facial features. To make your eyes stand out and appear more alive I would add a coat of black mascara. Here is the last and most important part! Choose a bright lipstick to really show up on camera. Think bright pinks, reds and oranges. If you are wearing a little amount of make-up this is what is going to make you stand out and look like you have really made the effort. For a quick pop of colour on the cheeks you could use a little of your bright lipstick dabbed on and blended with your fingertips.

And that is it for the make-up! For hair I would do a quick spritz of dry shampoo to give volume and freshness.

If you would like to see how I apply the make-up , you can watch my You tube video for clear explanations.