Kerrie Alexander launched her business in 2014, just two years after completing her degree in fashion from the Heriot-Watt University.

After graduating, Kerrie began working for the Scottish womenswear designer Hayley Scanlan, but continued to develop her own designs and work on ideas what are now her outerwear collection.

“I have a passion for quality and attention to detail, so creating handmade bespoke outerwear was the perfect choice for me. There are endless possibilities for unique detailing, function, fabrics and customisation,” said Kerrie. “I find the construction more enjoyable and enjoy the challenges that each custom piece brings.”

Kerrie’s garments fit in the mid to high end market, although that depends whether you choose ready to wear or custom. “If people want a custom garment, the cost depends on the fabric, the style, the fit and the detailing,” continued Kerrie. “An average cost though woiuld be £250 to £350.”

Kerrie employes a small team of freelance designers and seamstresses to help her keep up with demand as she now has a six-month-old son, which meant she had to scale back on some of her work.

“The business has grown and developed since I brought the business to Leeds in 2016, despite taking a back seat for a while, I have exciting plans for the growth and expansion of the business,” she concluded.