Kinrise, the developers of the iconic 34 Boar Lane in Leeds, have launched a pioneering Christmas initiative in aid of St George’s Crypt.

Kinrise are hosting a special festive event at 34 Boar Lane on Wednesday 15th December to provide presents for everyone at the Crypt over Christmas.
Grace Ellerby, community manager at 34 Boar Lane, explained: “As part of this event, which will be held at the recently opened Collective café, our tenants will be packing Bags of Kindness, including items that we’ll be collecting in reception in the days leading up to the 15th.

“We are collecting items that are essential for everyone who uses the Crypt over Christmas, especially socks, gloves, small boxes of chocolates and toiletries. These will then be gifted to our friends at St George’s Crypt. Members of the public are also very welcome to donate these items and drop them off at our reception.

“I visited the Crypt recently and was incredibly moved by what I saw. The help and love given to the homeless and the vulnerable was astounding and we felt very strongly that we wanted to give something back to the Leeds community in which we live and work.

“Overall we are hoping to pack 200 Bags of Kindness for the Crypt. We hope that these will make a real difference and make Christmas a happier, safer and more comfortable place for those who really need our support over the festive period.”

Zoe Bray, senior fundraiser at St George’s Crypt, commented: “We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of Grace and all the team at Kinrise and 34 Boar Lane. This is a wonderful initiative for Christmas, which can be a very challenging and sad time for many of those at the Crypt.

“The presents that are being donated - soap, socks, gloves and chocolate - are exactly what is needed to bring some much-needed Christmas cheer. They will be appreciated so much and will make such a difference to everyone here.

“I am very hopeful that this new partnership with Kinrise will be a long-lasting one. We share the same values of helping those less fortunate than us and of playing a positive role in the Leeds community,” said Zoe.
She added: “St George’s Crypt has come a long way from its roots back in 1930, but the vision remains; supporting the homeless and vulnerable of Leeds. We have built a range of social enterprises in retail and catering, offering development and training opportunities to our homeless and vulnerable clients.”

This initiative is part of the Love Christmas campaign rolled out by the Christian charity Love Your Neighbour.

If you would like to donate to this most worthwhile cause, please contact Grace Ellerby at or drop your gifts off at the reception at 34 Boar Lane.