The TANDi is a new luxury tanning brush which was launched during the pandemic by a tan aficionado and entrepreneur from Yorkshire.

The TANDi is a chunky, high gloss wonder that has been designed specifically to apply fake tan, body makeup and shimmer, it is a must have beauty tool for full body glam. This is a premium quality brush, made with sustainable, cruelty free materials. The densely packed bristles hold the product on the brush head with less absorption, meaning that less tan is wasted and more adheres to the skin. The super soft bristles mean that the TANDi can blend tan into the contours of the face and body for a result that looks perfectly polished. The TANDi features a long, wipe clean, glossy handle to help prevent unsightly stains on the hands when applying fake tan.

The TANDi makes the application of fake tan quick, easy and mess free. It can be used with tanning mousses, lotions and mists as well as body makeup. The TANDi works wonders on the: facial contours, hairline, neck, chest, ears, hands, wrists, knees, feet, ankles, armpits, tummy button and bikini line.


  • A long, chunky handle to avoid stains on hands when applying tan
  • A wipe clean, glossy, stain-proof handle
  • Velvety soft, stain-proof bristles for flawless application
  • Densely packed bristles to hold product and distribute tan evenly on the skin
  • Large flat brush head for quick, even coverage
  • A handle core crafted from sustainably sourced wood
  • Cruelty free, high quality synthetic bristles


RRP: £23.99

“I wanted a better way to apply tan to the contours of my face and body, I experimented with makeup brushes and they were better but there was still room for improvement which is why I designed the TANDi. I’ve had my fair share of fake tan disasters over the years and I’ve learnt how to get a perfect fake tan at home from lots of trial and error. The TANDi has already gained the attention of some of the U.K’s top makeup artists and celebrity tanners and it’s an amazing feeling to get so much support for my new brand,” said founder of the TANDi Alexandra.

Instagram: the.tandi.tan
Facebook: the.tandi

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