Staying in has officially become the new going out - it's a fact!

Many people have now been forced to work from home or self-isolate during the current CV-19 crisis, a situation that has come as a huge shock indeed.

Spending more time in the comfort of your own home removes many quandaries, such as rush hour traffic, what to wear for that important meeting and remembering to pack your comfortable flat shoes for the walk home. That said, others can take their place.

Knowing what to wear, indeed actually finding the motivation to get out of the PJs can be one of the most common difficulties associated with staying indoors.

For those who work from home, there can be real benefits - getting dressed can boost your mood and keep productivity levels high.

However, it really can be quite frustrating choosing what to wear in the makeshift office (even if it is a corner in the kitchen) especially as the PJs you rolled out of bed in are going to be wholly inappropriate for the 11am Zoom meeting, whilst squeezing into a tight formal dress is compromising on comfort and potentially an additional dry-cleaning bill that you would prefer to avoid.

Ideally, you need to find that heavenley place between workwear and bedtime attire.

"Drum roll please"...

Ladies, praise be for "Loungewear" - garments that you can work hard in, wash easily and are comfortable too!


Why not invest (online only shopping for now) in loose, wide-leg trousers with a higher waistband, tuck in a smart T-shirt or top and feel confident that should you need to take a Skype call, you will feel confident.

Admittedly, many of us consider a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms to be the ultimate in cosiness, but that favourite old and somewhat faded and worn out pair of old sweat pants just isn't going to make the cut - especially if you plan to take a short break and stroll out of the house as part of your daily exercise.

Why not invest in a luxe version hoodie instead, with matching bottoms too or mix and match what you already have, trying to avoid "all black" and bringing some brightness to your day.

It may only be temporary, however in these unprecedented times it really is important that we try to keep our standards and self esteem as high as we possibly can.