Hannah Turlington launches her original lino print especially for Valentine’s Day. Living and working in North Yorkshire, Hannah is a printmaker who is driven to create by her love of colour, nature and life’s stories.

There are 145 million Valentine’s cards sold every year with 36 million additional gifts sold and 250 million flowers on top of that. We are all aware of the need to be conscious when we shop so that we are making thoughtful choices. Hannah’s ‘Love’ original lino print is the perfect gift to give on Valentine’s day that will keep on giving the message of love every day of the year. Hannah delivers us a contrast to that mass produced product that connects us with a traditional craft in a practical yet beautiful product. It is perfect for lovers, friends and family or just for you.

Hannah Turlington is a printmaker, living and practicing in North Yorkshire, whose work is defined as fine art, designs, workshops,(both online and face to face) and commissions. Hannah specialises in telling stories with her art. She says:

‘I am a story teller and I use my work to tell those stories. Sometimes they belong to me; Sometimes they belong to others but usually they belong to all of us’.

‘Love’ has been inspired by the sweets Love Hearts when illustrating the design for her print. Hannah goes through a multi staged process to make the print; collecting inspiration, illustrating, carving the block and then finally printing before sending through your door.

‘Love’ is the perfect gift for those who want to make more considered purchases this Valentine’s Day and lovers of lino prints. Hannah’s distinctive style is highly detailed and it is enhanced by her choice of colour.

‘Love’ is hand printed to order by Hannah in her North Yorkshire studio. ‘Love’ is 20 cm by 15 cm, printed in Sonic Lipstick Pink onto A4 sized printmaking paper. Each print is signed by Hannah.

‘Love’: an original lino print especially for Valentine’s Day is available through Hannah’s website.

You can read all about Hannah and her work in the next edition of Yorkshire Businesswoman out on 29 January and available to read on this website.