How to make healthy food taste great is the key ingredient of intimate lunches being hosted by two North Yorkshire women in 2024.

But that’s not all the diners will experience. The titles of each event – Eating for Metabolic Health, your Gut, the Brain, and to support Your Immune System – give you a flavour of the fact that there is more to the occasion than a mouth-watering meal!

For starters, registered nutritionist Georgina Hickman will speak about the benefits of different foods for the topic of the day. And she knows what she is talking about.

After years of struggling with her moods and being reluctant to take medication, she used diet, lifestyle and targeted supplementation to heal her gut, rebalance her hormones and restore her mental wellbeing. She now helps others do likewise.

“What is so unique about these events is that they break through barriers to change,” said Georgina.

“The nutrition information we provide gives people a ‘why’ – why they should eat in a certain way and what evidence-based health benefits it will give them.”

Taste buds will start to tingle when private chef Michaela Hanna follows Georgina’s talk with a cookery demonstration, showcasing how to make healthy food taste good. With years of catering experience and designing private cooking lessons, Michaela has developed a deep understanding of our approach to food, ingredient preparation, nutrition choices and the factors that impact the way we prepare and eat food.

She takes all this into account when cooking the meal that the guests then eat and also shares her tips and recipes so that the diners can try to replicate it at home.

“The events are designed to be purposeful, educational, informative, encouraging and fun!” said Michaela who runs her own food experiences business, With M.

“The level of information we impart is quite detailed, but easy to understand. Having lunch together then gives people the opportunity to spend quality time with a chef and a registered nutritionist, who can advise on all manner of topics.

“They can ask any kind of question and it’s answered immediately - they don’t have to Google things or hope that what they read in a book will work for them. It’s easily and quickly-accessed quality information and food.”
Four similar lunches in 2023 were sell-outs and it was the positive feedback from those that encouraged Georgina and Michaela to organise them again.

The events for 2024 are as follows:

  • Eating for your Gut – Thursday 9th May 2024
  • Eating for the Brain – Wednesday 18th September 2024
  • Eating to Support the Immune System – Thursday 28th November 2024

The events, held quarterly, take place at Dunesforde Vineyard, Upper Dunsforth near York and the ticket price of £95 includes a post-lunch tour of the vineyard.

Dunesforde’s Head of Wine Development, Peter Townsend, said the Lunch and Learn events at the Vineyard had been one of the surprising successes of 2023.

“It’s becoming increasingly apparent that good dietary choices make a massive difference to health outcomes but that clearly doesn’t mean you can’t eat delicious food and even have some lovely wine pairings to go with it!”

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Yorkshire Businesswomen members will receive an exclusive 10% discount for any Lunch & Learn event in booked in 2024. Please telephone Dunesforde on 01423 369478 to book your place, quoting YBM10 and stating the event you would like to attend.