Make-up to stay looking young!

By award winning, freelance make-up artist Sonia Schofield.


Most of the ladies who come to me for skincare and make-up lessons usually ask me to make them look 10 years younger- wouldn’t that be amazing?! We need to change the way we apply our make-up as we age, because what suited us before can now make us look older. We start wearing make-up that suits us in our teens and early twenties and sometimes don’t know how to adapt it when it’s no longer working for us. Some ladies wear the same make-up for decades. Some stop wearing it altogether. Making a few changes to our make-up routine can really make a difference to how we look and feel.

Here are a few of the changes that I have made recently!

  1. Swap heavy matte foundations for lighter tinted moisturisers, bb creams or cc creams. My favourite base is the cc cream by Arbonne.

It leaves my skin looking hydrated and fresh, but has enough coverage to mask any redness or pigmentation.

  1. Choose a light under eye concealer so that it doesn’t look heavy or drying under the eyes. My favourite is the ‘Nars radiant creamy concealer’. It is hydrating and blends in easily. Set with a little loose powder to stop it sitting in any lines.

  1. I try to avoid powder as much as I can now. I used to apply a heavy matte powder all throughout the day as I didn’t want a glimpse of shine. Now I realise that shine is what gives that youthful glowy radiance that I am trying to achieve. If I use any, it would be a very light dusting of loose powder across my t-zone only. My favourite loose powder is the veil loose translucent powder by Hourglass. It is very fine and has subtle illuminating particles.

  1. For bronzer, select a gel, liquid or cream formula as it isn’t as dulling to the skin as a matte powder bronzer. Achieve a sun kissed look by applying cream bronzer by Chanel with a foundation brush, and then pressing it in with the fingers to melt it into the skin.

  1. To inject some colour back into the skin, apply a little cream blusher high up on the apples of the cheeks. I recommend one of the pot rouge blushers by Bobbi Brown.

  1. To cheat a glow and high cheekbones, tap on some liquid or cream highlighter like watts up by benefit

  1. Stick to matte eyeshadows as shimmery ones can highlight a crepey eyelid. Swish some powder bronzer in eye sockets to add more depth, shape to the eye and cheat a crease!

  2. Choose brown and grey instead of black, for enhancing the eyes. Instead of using an actual eyeliner, I would use a darker eyeshadow on a fine eyeliner brush to add some soft definition.

  3. Avoid dark lip colours as this can make the lips look thinner. With age, our lips lose colour so choose a brighter colour. Line the lips first with a nude colour lip liner to help re-define the shape and stop any colour bleeding into any lines. A dot of light gloss on the lower lip will give the illusion of plumper lips.

  4. Never leave the house without wearing at least SPF 30 on your face. This will help prevent any further aging. Prevention is better than cure! I am currently using an SPF 50 by Keihls.

To see my most recent mature make-up lesson, please watch my latest You Tube video with mature model Rachel Peru who is fabulous at 50!


Photography by Masque photography