Leeds-based agency Youbee Media is a hive of activity, having accumulated several landmark successes since inception. Formed in 2020, Youbee Media has grown to represent 58 brands across the UK. Recent business success and a string of new clients has allowed Youbee Media to double its floorspace in a Morley business centre and recruit the fourth member of their team.
Director Rebecca Hopwood says “When you’re in an agency, you can never be sure of the ‘right time’ to grow or take on new staff; but I’m a big believer in following your gut and knowing when things feel right. We have been really lucky to attract some fantastic clients this quarter, and that’s helped us to think about scaling up.”
Latest recruit to the team Olivia Rock approached Rebecca with an interest in working for the agency in May 2022. Although not actively recruiting, Rebecca saw an opportunity. “Olivia reached out to us, so I really admired her confidence and loved hearing how she had done her research to recognise the type of company she wanted to work for. After our first chat, I had a great feeling and wanted to progress with creating a new role for Olivia in the team. However, this meant that we needed to get some things ready first.”
Youbee Media already occupied one office space in Seven Hills Business Centre, so when the adjoining office became available, things started to fall into place. Youbee Media ‘opened up’ the two offices, creating more space for the team, plus a breakout area and meeting room. Rebecca, who has been going with her gut since 2020 said “With the additional space, we’re able to host more meetings on site. Inviting clients into our office gives them a good feel for what we do and how we work. It’s elevated our business while facilitating comfortable growth for our team – and it will create future opportunities for us.”
The new recruitment has also led to internal development and growth at Youbee Media, with opportunities being created for the existing team. Emma Pearson was Youbee’s first recruit in 2021 and has recently passed her Digital Marketing apprenticeship with a Distinction. Emma says “There has been so much scope for me to learn and grow at Youbee Media. The diversity of activities we work on and clients that we work with has allowed me to put so much into my apprenticeship, that I came out with the best grade.” Emma has been promoted to Marketing Executive and has been given extra KPI’s, plus opportunities for personal development and guidance to advance soft skills. Emma also recently joined the rapidly growing We Are Wakefield network. “I am really excited to be expanding my own professional network, getting to know new people and finding even more opportunities for Youbee Media.”
Head of Creative Dena Reynolds is excited about the expansion, saying “Olivia brings a bright spark of creativity, which is complimented by her knowledge of the professional graphic design tools we use here at Youbee Media. By recruiting Olivia, we can collaborate on projects, and offer even more to our network of clients. This will undoubtedly advance Youbee Media’s position and allow us to go even further with our design work.”
The award-winning solutions agency launched a ‘Youbee Social Club’ in June, has recently become a Mindful Employer and is focused on creating a fantastic, collaborative workplace. These are just some of the reasons Rebecca feels Youbee Media is presenting themselves as a great place to work.
Youbee Media find solutions for ambitious business owners to enrich their marketing. With plans to be the top agency offering support in Yorkshire, Youbee are certainly off to a flying start.