Chroma Marketing is launching its latest series of online videos featuring Yorkshire’s sustainable causes, to help them inspire their communities. The videos, titled ‘A Chat With’ feature people from all walks of life who have had a positive impact on their communities, socially, economically or environmentally.

Chroma Marketing managing director Laura Norman says: “We are a marketing business built on strong values, including sustainability. We created our video series ‘A Chat With’ to give a platform for Yorkshire organisations who integrate sustainable values into their daily business tasks.”

“From sole traders and charities to social enterprises and community groups, the series is full of inspiring stories and useful advice that we can all learn from.”

Each week the team at ‘A Chat With’ upload a new video with inspiring champions, telling their story and spotlighting how they make a positive impact on the Yorkshire community. The videos are featured on YouTube.

Describing the video series, Laura explains: “The aim of ‘A Chat With’ is to inspire people across Yorkshire to build a positive community and become leaders in sustainability. Previous editions of the series, available online, have included: ethically sourced chocolatier Frankly Delicious, coach and public speaker Kurt Lindley, The Sleep Charity and Unmasked Mental Health each discussing their projects.”

Laura adds: “Through our videos we enable local sustainable causes to discuss different themes and stories, giving them the inspiration and platform they need to make an impact in their local community.”

The upcoming series includes a wide range of sustainability champions including Village Doorstep an online marketplace connecting local businesses and local people; Leeds Baby Bank, a family support charity, and KidCrowd, a sustainable online saving and gifting platform.

Each week ‘A Chat With’ offer a new video, with their inspiring champions telling their story and spotlighting how they make a positive impact on the Yorkshire community.

The latest series of ‘A Chat With’ is now available online with a fourth series at the planning stage.