Yorkshire Saas firm meeow has expanded its team, appointing a marketing director to help further accelerate its global growth.

Kate Tyson, an expert in her field brings with her 20 years of experience building and raising awareness of brands and founders.

Her appointment will support the next stage in meeow’s growth as its 24/7 online networking platform continues to attract global users at scale.

Kate has been working with meeow on a freelance basis for the last 12 months, supporting other members of the team with strategic advice.

Having witnessed the success of her approach, meeow has appointed her full time to take the lead on implementing and transforming meeow’s marketing strategy, and overseeing all marketing activities, such as social media management, email marketing, content and internal communications.

CEO at meeow Chris Rabbitt said: “Kate is a real force in the marketing world. Her communication and creative expertise are exactly what we need at this stage of the business to reach new heights. We are incredibly excited to have her join the team full time and can’t wait to see what more she achieves.”

meeow was born at the beginning of the pandemic when founders Chris Rabbitt and Simon Glenn who both relied on networking for their respective businesses were left asking “what do we do now?”.

Starting a Zoom a day networking event that had a waiting list of over six weeks spurred the two to realise the potential in a dedicated platform for online video networking.

Since then, the platform has outgrown the restrictions implemented by the pandemic and has ignited a new wave of networkers who are looking to connect with people across all industries.

Kate first became aware of meeow having noticed members of her own communications group were positively shouting about a new way to network without bias.

Kate commented: “I have been watching meeow as a fan of the concept since it established itself boldly in the networking world. The platform’s accessibility to everyone and anyone is amazing so having the opportunity to work alongside a passionate team who bring so much value into the business world is thrilling.

“I am so honoured to be an official part of their journey and can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us. The next phase for Meeow is being available all over the world, and it’s my role to help that happen by communicate meeow’s potential to the world.”

Chris added: “We want to have someone from every corner of the world connecting via meeow. That’s exactly why we are so lucky to have Kate join the team. Her ability to deliver brand brilliance with such authenticity is exactly what we need moving forward.”

meeow is currently offering a no-obligation 14-day free trial to celebrate Kate’s appointment.