This week, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 Five female entrepreneurs from varying backgrounds across the UK have come together to unite to bring a different take on the theme of this year’s awareness campaign - Nature - to show people the power of creating your own positive environments to support strong mental health, from learning how to manage your mindset, to understanding what self sabotage and limiting beliefs are, to addressing the power of creating a serenely sorted home, as a haven to escape from the business of everyday life.

The business owners who met through their work to spread their mission messages, brought together by female entrepreneur focused PR Agency Chocolate PR, are all hugely passionate about knowledge sharing for the greater good and have pooled resources to create advice and guidance on how being in control of your environment can aid mental health.

Chocolate PR founder Jo Swann (pictured below) and Yorkshire Businesswoman member said: ““At Chocolate PR we’re HUGE advocates of sharing is caring. We help our clients speak out on a daily basis about their struggles and challenges, and help them knowledge share, so that they can inspire and motivate others who may still be stuck in darker times. Mental Health HAS become more spoken about- but we’ve still got to keep opening the conversations, as there is definitely more work to do. All the ladies who have come together for Mental Health Awareness Day have had challenges to varying degrees from suffering anxiety to contemplating suicide and they are passionate about playing a part in guiding anyone struggling, to know they are not alone”.

Salwa Abdul Ali is a woman on a mission to prove that the environment you grew up in doesn’t need to be the one you end up in. An empowerment and leadership coach who helps women step up to be the leaders they were born to be, she is especially passionate about supporting women from Muslim communities and other upbringings where they have been challenged by a patriarchal society, to help them take their place at the table. She has provided 9 Steps to Overcome Entrepreneurial Imposter Syndrome’ – because keeping hold of limiting beliefs can have a detrimental effect on our mental health.

Clair McKenzie, Weight Loss Mindset & Life Coach, aka ‘The Weight loss Whisperer’ helps female professionals and entrepreneurs to create a relationship with food, themselves, and their lives that they love, having battled her own journey for years and suffered rock bottom self worth and self sabotage. She is on a mission to significantly improve the physical and mental health of successful career and businesswomen who state they are unhappy with their weight and shares her ‘Love Yourself First’ workbook which encourages us all to take time to stop and look more deeply at what could be keeping us stuck in a self destruct cycle.

Helen Adams knows what it feels like to give up on your dreams due to your environment, circumstances and downtrodden confidence – BUT she also knows how it feels to recalibrate, to recreate new goals and to reset. Now a fearless entrepreneur in her 50s, International Best Selling Author and leader of the Female Business Revolution Helen has created the environment for herself she needs to succeed and champions and coaches other midlife entrepreneurs to create more freedom through creating businesses they love, whilst having fun doing it! Helen shares her much loved Start by Loving You Singalong and her ’10 Step Guide to Self Love’

Louisa Herridge is an Reinvention & Empowerment Coach, Speaker & Author and Founder of Mamas Ignited. She has recently shared her mental health battles which culminated in a breakdown, just 18 months ago, following years of narcissistic abuse and self-sabotage. She has learnt how to build herself back up, from the ground up and is now inspiring other women, particularly mums, to find their own spark and ignite their passion, whatever stage in their life they are at. She teaches how by connecting to our 5 elements and our true nature we can find the fire within us to create the life we really desire and is sharing this week her e-book ‘5 Ways to Ignite your Spark for Life’.

Diana Spellman The Realistic Home Organising Expert and Founder of Serenely Sorted is on a mission to reduce the nation’s mess stress and as someone naturally messy herself who suffered anxiety from working from home and not having a serene space to fully relax, her business was born from her own frustrations and struggles. She has provided a ’10 Surprising Ways To Feel Serene at Home Guide along with a flip book teaching us how to remove the drudgery of tidying from our lives.

All of the above resources are free to download at and there is also a further added benefit of doing so - as the team would also like to support a charitable foundation close to their heart, The Fly Anyway Foundation, run by fellow female entrepreneur and domestic violence survivor Dani Wallace. This foundation supports those who’ve overcome domestic violence and related mental health challenges and have escaped their dangerous environments and are now striving to move forward with confidence to become thriving business owners. When reading the guides the option is there to make a Pay as You Feel donation to the foundation.