Renowned movement, wellness, and longevity coach, Sarah Clough, 60, based in Ilkley, who is on a mission to transform people's well-being through the power of movement, is delighted that her ‘Vitality Blueprint’ back pain relief programme is set to launch in the USA.

Sarah’s philosophy goes beyond just fitness, as she dismantles the stereotypes often associated with ageing, emphasising that feeling strong and vibrant is achievable at any stage of life, regardless of age and physical limitations and her science-backed ‘Vitality Blueprint’ programme is her testament to this belief. Sarah said; “I am on a mission to help others (particularly women) to rediscover their vitality. Every woman deserves to lead a life free from pain, bursting with joy, confidence, and the unshakable strength that comes from a body that feels strong and in harmony with its spirit.”

Sarah uses bio-hacking techniques to optimise epigenetic expression. Our genes are set in stone, but Sarah teaches clients how to change the way their genes are expressed by implementing simple, daily lifestyle strategies that can turn on beneficial genes and switch off ones that are contributing to less than optimal health.

Connecting to, and educating on, the art and science of healthy living, Sarah wants to make a change in the world. Sarah's clientele, mainly women over 40, serve as daily inspiration. Recognising over the years that many women live with persistent pain, especially lower back pain, she aims to disrupt the norm and aid women in rewriting their story.

Sarah explains; “The programme is a deep dive into alleviating stiffness, aches and pain long-term through a step-by-step method that rebalances your whole body. By focusing on building strength, flexibility and resilience, and being equipped with knowledge and understanding, The Vitality Blueprint empowers you to achieve a level of fitness that liberates you to live life on your own terms... free from pain and living with unrivalled vitality.”

Sarah has already helped hundreds of women across the UK,through her flagship Vitality Blueprint, an online programme designed to be a transformative 12-week journey towards lasting pain relief and a life of vibrant longevity. And, now this programme is set to launch in the USA. Sarah said; “I have been working with a team in the USA for the past year to make my dream of taking this programme global a reality. The area of healthy longevity is gaining traction globally, not least because the principles that underpin a healthy lifespan also underpin living disease-free and pain-free. And, whilst Big Pharma and tech companies are investing billions to find solutions to slowing down the ageing process, there are simple lifestyle practices we can all do that don’t require us to take a mind-blowing array of supplements, spend a fortune on high tech therapies or embark on restrictive fasting protocols.”

One of Sarah’s clients, Michelle had an accident, which left her with chronic back pain, struggling to look after her horses and llamas and fed up with how her life was going, after doing the Back Pain Relief Programme, Michelle said; "Life is completely different now, I can do so much more than I thought I would ever be able to do, just little things like carrying shopping bags, I haven’t been able to do that in over 2 years, I can now lift up my cat from the floor and think nothing of it, but the biggest thing of all is that I can run completely pain-free of my back, I couldn’t even run before I did my back in, let alone been able to take up running now, my body feels so much stronger and it is supporting my back, Now I have the knowledge that Sarah has given me. I feel I can achieve and do anything now.The Experience has been life changing for me. I have learnt so much about my body and how it works and how it supports me. I don’t know why this approach is not taught in schools. It would save the NHS millions.”

Another client Joan said; “I wake up feeling far more energetic than I have been for a long time, and ready to do something. This is a great experience. I have improved so much. I can see myself returning to do the long walks which I used to enjoy. I have so much more energy and I just want to get up and go!”

Sarah’s own journey is also a testament to the power of her programme. Beginning with her own challenges, in her 40’s Sarah went through many changes to her body and mind, having major abdominal surgery followed with a c-section to bring her daughter into the world, resulting in hideous back problems.

Sarah then navigated the challenges of her daughter's epilepsy due to a brain tumour and the trauma of her sister's defeat to breast cancer.

A burnt-out fashion designer, desperate to feel whole again, a life-changing epiphany occurred during a holiday in Turkey, whilst relaxing with her husband and daughter. Engaging in daily Pilates, swimming, and embracing a holistic lifestyle, Sarah found a renewed sense of wellbeing, sparking a decision to retrain as a Pilates instructor. Sarah said; ”I know that the catalyst for my transformation was movement - so now I want to get the message across to as many people as I can.”

Aged 50, in 2013, Sarah opened her first studio on Moor Road in Ilkley, and by 2017, she had expanded her vision with the establishment of a Wellbeing Centre. Offering a diverse range of classes and services, including Pilates, yoga, barre, Thai massage, mindfulness, and a café… Sarah has created a supportive community that extends beyond fitness.

Driven by her passion for movement and the way it liberates women, enabling them to pursue their passions at any age, pushes Sarah to keep going and her target is to transform the lives of over 10,000 women worldwide.

Focusing on her goal of creating a ripple effect and changing the generational norms, Sarah wants to make an impact not just to individuals, but to also lessen the burden on healthcare systems, with UK data showing that 30 million days lost every year in the workforce from back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. (Source: fact%2C over 30 million,of GP consultations in England.)

She states; “My advice to everybody is simple - Keep moving. Make movement an integral part of everyday and not an afterthought. You don’t need to do a couple of gruelling ‘sweat’ sessions at the gym every week… in fact that could cause more problems for those with back pain. The important thing for long-term, pain-free good health is to move in a variety of ways throughout the day - every day. That includes doing resistance and aerobic exercise to build muscle, work the fascia and strengthen the heart and respiratory systems. I want people to know that movement is not just about being fit. It affects everything from cognitive function to the digestive and nervous systems.”

Sarah knows that this vitality can be achieved through a holistic approach that considers not only physical fitness but also epigenetic optimisation for long-term health and wellbeing. And, she is driven to share her knowledge and expertise with women across the globe, empowering them to take charge of their wellbeing and rediscover their zest for life. Sarah concludes: “I am living proof of what’s achievable and I am here to share my knowledge and expertise with you.”