A Yorkshire-based mum and businesswoman has created a storybook to reassure children throughout these uncertain times.

After seeing the confusion and fear in her own son and daughter, Stacey Kelly, the founder of Early Years Story Box, was inspired to create a storybook and activities to help explain the coronavirus to children and to reassure them that everything will be okay.

By making this free pack for families throughout the UK, Stacey aims to help as many children as possible to process their emotions and to feel more settled about the current situation.

A former teacher, Stacey left her career when her first child was born. She started writing and illustrating books to support her own children through uncertain times including leaving nursery and starting school and has since launched her business Early Years Story Box.

Stacey has created a range of more than 20 storybooks called the Memory Box Collection. Thousands of children have benefited from them receiving them as welcome and leavers gifts from their childcare setting and/or school.

After seeing how much her books have supported children emotionally over the years and seeing the devastation coronavirus has caused everyone, Stacey decided to add a special edition to her collection called ‘Don’t Worry, Little Bear’. This free, digital storybook explains the coronavirus in child-friendly language and helps children to process their own thoughts and feelings.

Stacey commented: “We all have so many grown-up problems at the moment, but it’s important to remember that this is also a very unsettling time for children too. We protect them as much as we can, but they know something isn’t right and I wanted to do as much as I could to support children and parents to navigate these uncertain and scary times.”

Stacey has also created some free, printable activities to go with the story not only helping parents to fill the day, but also giving children even more opportunities to explore their thoughts and feelings and to gain a better understanding of the circumstances.

Stacey continued:“We all have to stick together and do what we can to help. It makes me happy to hear that this pack is already having a really positive impact and I hope it continues to make a difference to as many children as possible”