A new Holistic Spa Garden will open at Iveridge Hall in Leeds next month.

The facility, which is located just off the M62, is set to bring a unique spa experience to guests with its wellness focused approach which steers clear of the typical, ‘Spa Day & Prosecco’, experience that’s offered by most spa destinations.

Instead, the Iveridge Spa Garden will focus on promoting better physical and mental health with the use of practices such as yoga, meditation and massage therapy.

Iveridge Club director Richard Hill, who has seen success with the Iveridge Hall Health Club, set out to develop this new facility after recognising a stark increase in the number of people experiencing uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

He said, “I was speaking to a lot of our gym members who all seemed to be struggling with the same thing, increased stress and feeling as though they were struggling to juggle everything in their lives.”

He continued, “I knew that we could help these people learn how to truly unwind and teach them how to maintain a strong, positive mindset. So I set out to create a beautiful and tranquil space for them to, not only relax in, but to visit to learn how to slow down and prioritise mental wellbeing in their day to day life. We wish to see our guests continue to feel the benefits of our spa day experience, long after they leave our facility.”

Iveridge Hall have long been promoting physical and mental health with their successful health club and gym, however Richard decided that it was time to take that one step further.

He said, ““At Iveridge we have already demonstrated that our holistic approach to wellbeing, both physical and emotional, brings results and our holistic spa garden is a natural development of that approach.”

The Spa Garden will feature an outdoor therapy spa pool flanked by a meditation fire circle, Himalayan salt sauna, aromatherapy steam room, ice barrel experience and relaxation lounge.

On top of this, guests can try a range of holistic experiences such as yoga, meditation massage, hot stone therapy and music & art therapy.

For those looking for a more private experience, garden rooms which hold up to four people are situated around the pool, some of which feature private hot tubs too. Each of these rooms will be assigned a massage therapist and served a superfood lunch.

When the facility opens to the public on the 9th of September there will be a day experience package including yoga and lunch, as well as a unique twilight wellness experience package including a healthy supper.

Future plans for this exciting new facility include yoga boot camps, and an Ibiza chilled music session where cocktails will be switched out for detox drinks.