A new psychological health care service has launched for organisations to enhance their mental health support systems in the workplace.

Founded by award winning Leeds businesswoman, psychologist and psychotherapist, Charlotte Armitage, Outsourced Psych is a flexible, alternative provision for businesses to ensure their employees have access to qualified and trained mental health professionals.

Charlotte says: “Mental health and mental wellbeing in the workplace are essential considerations for any modern, successful business and employer. Staff turnover, sickness and lost productivity resulting from poor mental health cost UK employers £42 billion last year. However, the complexities of mental health can be overwhelming with many employers unsure of how to provide the proper support.

“We know given the circumstances over the last few months, there is a ticking time-bomb when it comes to the nation’s mental health and it will have implications economically and socially. Thankfully there does seem to be an increase in awareness when it comes to mental health, however the next part of the process is ensuring people are treated with the correct support so they can recover as soon as they are able to, and that any underlying issues are addressed.”

Outsourced Psych provides different levels of support, from C-Suite training and psychological expertise for internal processes and recruitment, to retainer packages that offer employers the option to purchase pay-as-you-go therapeutic support hours depending on the size and needs of the organisation and its employees.

Charlotte adds: “Our ongoing support packages provide organisations with the confidence and reassurance that they have access to registered professionals who are able to care for the psychological health of their employees, as and when they need it. We have a team of professional psychologists and psychotherapists that have undergone years of training in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. We go beyond the role of a mental health first aider or mental health awareness training.”

Outsourced Psych is available to all organisations, regardless of size, industry, sector or location, with a diverse team of therapists available to ensure that diverse client needs can be met. Head to www.outsourcedpsych.com for further details on the support packages available.

The business launches following Charlotte being named one of Europe’s top 10 BAME female entrepreneurs to watch in 2020.