Local business woman turned author, Catherine Yaffe, has released her debut crime fiction novel to widespread acclaim.

Catherine has been a prominent person within the Wakefield and Leeds business community before stepping away in 2018 to write her first non-fiction book, Digital Marketing Made Easy.

Writing that book inspired her to pursue her lifetime dream of writing a fiction book. The Lie She Told, a contemporary crime thriller set in the Highlands of Scotland was released on 1st October 2020 and continues to stay in the top 500 within the Amazon chart.

“Like most aspiring writers for many years I wrote for my own enjoyment. Once I’d written the non-fiction book, I realised that now was the time to make the commitment to becoming a full-time writer.

The Lie She Told originally started as a fluffy romance but through my love of true crime, and after studying criminal psychology it turned very dark rather quickly.

For years I’d carried the main character, Kate, around in my head and on a road trip to the Scottish Highlands I knew I’d found the place and setting for her. The story just evolved from there.”

I chose to self-publish as I’m impatient! Traditional publishing can take up to two years to reach the market and that just wasn’t quick enough for me. Plus, I also have more control over things like the cover which was hugely important to me.”

The Lie She Told is the first in a trilogy of books that question just how well we know those around us.

All Kate wanted was a peaceful life.
All Ryan wanted to do was destroy it.

Living in the remote Scottish Highlands under witness protection, life is finally happy for Kate Ward and her young son Joe, until someone from Kate’s past appears. Ryan Albright is the only person that knows all of Kate’s secrets, and what she had to do to escape her previous abusive relationship.
Ryan is determined to complete the mission set for him by Kate’s ex-husband. Systematically and violently he pulls Kate’s new world apart with devastating consequences for everyone around him, including Kate who must face up to the lie she told.

The Lie She Told is available now on Kindle or in paperback.

To find out more visit www.catherineyaffe.co.uk