Business operations improvement firm, Optimo, has announced its on track to double its forecasted annual turnover by 50% for FY 2022/2023.

The Yorkshire-based firm makes the announcement having already hit its initial forecast just six months into the current financial year.

It follows a financially steady pandemic year (FY21/22) which saw the firm increase its turnover by 30%.

This resulted in the appointment of two new team members and investment into a complete brand refresh, thus further strengthening the firm’s position in the market.

Optimo exists to maximise the impact of every organisation with a purpose and mission to make positive change.

Headed up by operations, project and change professional Danielle Heward, the firm supports businesses and not-for-profits working for environmental and social change to do what they do more efficiently and effectively.

This includes co-designing, planning and implementing operational solutions with people development, process improvement, systems implementation and project and change management.

Formally known as DH Professional Solutions, the firm was one of a selection in Yorkshire to benefit from business growth support through the 2020 Natwest Business Accelerator Programme and Ad:Venture.

During this time, founder Danielle received support with setting up and growing the business, identifying areas for development and ways to enhance her offering, and one-to-one guidance from coach Nick McCafferty at the Natwest Accelerator Hub.

Commenting on the business’ growth, Nick said: “It’s been great to see the progress Danielle has made with the business since joining the NatWest Accelerator programme in 2020. She used her time on the programme to work on where she fits into the market and, since moving onto the Climate business accelerator at the end of 2020, has been clear in her mission for the future of the business and making a positive impact through her work.”

Since graduating the programme, Optimo has grown significantly and now works with a number of well-known organisations such as Leeds Trinity University and Betternotstop.

Commenting on the journey and what’s next, Danielle said: “I feel extremely lucky in the current times to be able to report this success. I know of many businesses who are faced with a completely different reality right now due to the impact of the impending recession and I am mindful of their situations.

“Whilst we’re experiencing our most successful year yet, it hasn’t come without its challenges. I am thankful to the team at Natwest Accelerator and the team at Ad:Venture who provided me with the right tools and mindset to quickly respond to any challenges and build up my resilience.

“As we move towards the second half of our financial year, I feel excited about the difference we as a team can make. Post pandemic, businesses of all sizes are recognising the importance of engaging and managing their teams, and thus seeking help to improve their operations as a result – something we pride ourselves at Optimo on being able to lead on.”

Pictured left to right: Charlotte Aitchison, Danielle Heward and Mollie Veale