Author: Beth Brown.

In the midst of a challenging week, I was lacking both inspiration and motivation and found myself in some sort of stress-induced writer’s malaise. That is until I saw a number 22 bus and I knew that everything would be alright.

I’m going to have to explain the context of why a bus awarded me so much comfort without being the one I was waiting for. I know that you’re probably thinking: “yeah, ok Beth. Like that’s completely normal…”

The truth is, I wholehearted believe in signs from the universe. Some little thing that tells you that you’re in the exact place you need to be, that this decision was the right one, and that everything’s going to be ok. For me, that sign has always been the number 22 (my birthday and therefore naturally my lucky number). Many times during my life I’ve seen that number at the exact time I needed some kind of consolation, whether it was on a house, a sign or, as it so happens, a means of transport.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that a lot of those times were probably purely coincidental and I just so happened to look up from my phone as I was passing house number 22 on some street. But, in spite of this, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with believing that something out there is giving me a little pat of reassurance.

On my recent trip to New York, I made a huge decision to try and focus on the career that I knew I wanted, a dream that seemed, both then and now, challenging and at times out of reach. That trip was filled with so many little signs that presented themselves every time I pondered the decision that, by the time I’d landed back at Leeds Bradford Airport, my mind was made up. Despite the scary choice I’d decided upon, I was confident and happy. I knew that even if those signs were nothing more than bits of graffiti or moments of pure coincidence, I was secure in my choice believing that something was telling me that it was the right one.

So, as I saw that number 22 bus go speeding past me earlier this week, I felt comfort. I felt like things were going to be ok. That number 22 was the little reassurance I needed that all would be well. I know that I’ll keep looking for 22s whatever I’m doing and wherever I go in this life.

If you have any personal signs from the universe that act like a hug and ease your worries a little bit then I’d love to hear them, even if just to convince me that I’m not completely alone in my whimsical nature.
Until next time.

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