As avid gym goers have spent the last three months preparing for the long awaited ‘freedom day’ and a summer of events, it seems as though fitness, and the mission to attain that elusive ‘summer body’, has become more prevalent than ever before. In particular amongst young adults who have already booked out festivals and club nights across the country.

As the younger generation hit the gym hard, health and fitness supplier Pro 11 Wellbeing, wants to stress to them the importance of looking after their bodies on their journey to improved fitness.

For 20 years now, they’ve been health experts with their products held in esteem by not only the NHS but many high profile sporting figures.

Having been in the industry for so long, some brands find it hard to keep up with changing trends, but not one to get stuck in their ways, Pro 11 Wellbeing has evolved in line with ever changing science and technology.

Founder, Andy Dickiinson said, “We really want to reach a younger generation and tell them that taking care of your body starts now. Too often people dismiss little aches and pains until they become a big problem and young people often associate these common problems with age. But that’s simply not the case and issues, such as back pain, can occur at any age. We want to let these people know that the best cure is prevention.”

The brand believes that the overused saying, ‘No pain, no gain” is regularly used as an excuse to mask discomfort and motivates gym goers to push further without always thinking of the physical consequences.

Andy said, “We need to stress to gym-goers that, although muscle ache and soreness is to be expected, persistent pain is not and it speaks to a bigger issue that should not be ignored.”

With this in mind, Pro 11 Wellbeing have had a total rebrand to show that style and practicality can go hand in hand.

The introduction of new products like their popular back stretcher with acupressure means that anyone can deal with common, everyday problems with their products as well as sports specific issues such as plantar fasciitis, pronation issues, achilles tendonitis and back pain with the help of their products.

Whilst the change of design to a sleek, sophisticated grayscale means that not only can users look after their body, but they can look good at the same time.

With this total rebrand has come a slight adjustment of the name, previously widely known as ProⅡWellbeing, the brand have shed the roman numerals for the more modern name, Pro 11 Wellbeing.

Andy said, “We wanted to change the look of the company so we thought, new look, new name to freshen things up whilst still being recognisable to our existing customer base, it felt like a natural transition.”

Following this transition, the brand now truly reflects not only its clientele, but also the ethos of the company and the incredible team that keep it running.