An award-winning photographer is making the streets of Leeds his own art gallery walls in November, when he thrusts a flock of giant punk birds into the city centre.

From Friday 30th October, the colourful Punk Ass Poultry exhibition will take flight in Leeds, with a bold takeover of over 100 billboard and poster drum sites.

It's a unique street art project between Leeds photographer Angus Macdonald and LASSN (Leeds Asylum Seekers' Support Network), to raise much needed funds for the refugee charity and bring fun and colour to a city now in Tier 3 lockdown.

Angus explains: “I was due to exhibit at a local gallery this spring but Covid19 soon put a stop to that, so I decided to bring my project outside instead. For such an upbeat city, the mood is understandably low right now, so these crazy-looking birds represent everything that Leeds needs at the moment – colour, humour and a celebration of pure individuality and anti-establishment attitude. The whole punk ethos grew out of challenging times, so it feels right to give these jubilant cocks and hens their first gig now.”

The Punk Ass Poultry exhibition can be found on two giant billboards at Hyde Park corner, Swinegate in the city centre, Queen Square near Leeds Arena, Wellington Street, and on over 100 drum sites across Leeds city centre. It features a gathering of the world’s finest fowl, from the Ayam Cemani from Idonesia, to the regal Russian Orloff.

LASSN director, Jon Beech, adds: “Covid has left many refugees in Leeds frightened and even more isolated. We are helping them stay connected and hopeful.

“Angus' photos hold a mirror up to Leeds - a city known for its humour and attitude and quirky beauty. These photos of our feathered friends are a breath of fresh air in such bewildering times, with themes of inclusivity, culture and non-prejudice at their core. We’re thankful for this wonderfully creative project, and hope that together, we raise more money to support our local refugees and asylum seekers at such a critical time.”