Leaves are crunching under our feet, the days have shortened and pumpkin-picking posts are popping up all over social media feeds, autumn is firmly here. And whilst you might be thrilled to be donning your knitwear or planning your Halloween costume, your skin might be feeling less pleased about the changing of the seasons. The shift to cooler climates with the contrast of increased central heating can leave the skin feeling dry, dehydrated and with winter looming, the worst is yet to come.

Today we share three tips for looking after your skin and keeping it soft and healthy as we head into winter.

Exfoliate more regularly

With the cooler weather drying out the complexion, the skin can appear to be dull and lack radiance. Give yourself that autumn rosy glow by exfoliating the face on a regular basis to shift dry, dead cells and reveal healthier-looking skin. This will also allow the skin to retain moisture more easily and improve the effectiveness of hydrating products. Cold weather can increase skin-sensitivity, so avoid facial scrubs and opt for more gentle products.


Use a nourishing face mask

The colder weather can compromise the skin’s protective barrier making it less able to retain moisture. Give the complexion some deeper-level hydration by treating it to a nourishing face mask once or twice a week.

Remember those hands

We are so focused on looking after the skin on our face, but our hands are equally exposed to the changes in temperature. The cold weather can rapidly transform the soft skin on our hands to be being dry and scaly so get ahead by treating your mitts to a super nourishing hand cream.