Spa Life after lockdown - Vicky from VJW Holistic Therapies shares why it’s going to be crucial to take time out when some kind of normality resumes.


Are you looking for ways to develop a healthier lifestyle post lockdown?

Your healthy living plan should be a sustainable balance of physical activity, healthy eating and maintaining a holistic approach to a good health and wellbeing.

Visiting the spa right now isn’t possible but when some sort of normality resumes and only then, we should incorporate this as an important role in your healthy living plan, so here are five reasons why you should spa more post lock down...

  1. Rejuvenate the body

It is difficult to rest with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are constantly running errands, juggling children or trying to maintain a professional career, attempting to keep ourselves happy and healthy all the while. All of this hurrying around without stopping to rest can leave us run down, achy and sore. By visiting the spa more, you are giving your body a chance to heal. A regular massage encourages your muscles to loosen and regain strength so that you can hit the reset button with your body able to perform at its best.

  1. Boost your confidence

Include the spa in your healthy living plan by enjoying beauty treatments like a facial, a manicure and a spray tan. These are all simple and express methods to give yourself the confidence boost you need to go about your daily life. There is nothing better than walking out from a beauty treatment with the radiance and confidence to tackle anything, knowing you will both look and feel good while doing it!

  1. Experience some peace and quiet

Post lock down our lives will be hectic again, inundated with text alerts and the constant expectation to respond immediately. Regularly escape when you feel pestered and exhausted, by swapping the stresses of daily life for peace and ambience. The gentle lapping of water and meditative music are the perfect soundtracks to taking time out from a busy lifestyle.

  1. Relieve stress

Stress is the enemy behind many ailments we experience day-to-day. Your healthy living plan should feature a better diet with greater nutritional value, stress-busting physical activities to burn off the tension and regular trips to the spa to release harmful toxins and get those endorphins flowing. Getting a massage and using the heat amenities available are great for managing lymphatic drainage, which, when working optimally, helps us to fight off nasty bugs that tend to find it easier to make us poorly when we are feeling stressed.


  1. Practice mindfulness

A spa is a place of serenity and clarity. Set in an idyllic location, in buildings steeped in history, decorated with simplicity and nature in mind, the spa is the perfect place to spend some time practising mindfulness. During your experience, you have the opportunity to sit back and truly live in the present. Making the most of ‘now’ and appreciating the beauty of our surroundings is so important for a better wellbeing - and if we have learn anything from lock down... it’s that time is precious - waste it wisely!

Now that you are inspired to take care of yourself post lock down, take a look back at some of our home lockdown tips that we have shared with Yorkshire Businesswoman to try out until you can visit a spa in the not so distant future.