The Impact of a Killer Headshot

By professional photographers: Roth Read Photography.

Do you want a proven first step to get ahead of your competitors? Then stride out and lead your brand with an image which radiates your confidence and approachability . . . a killer Headshot.

Stand out in the crowd

Imagine a consumer entering your business-type into the LinkedIn search bar. Right there is your profile fighting for recognition amongst the long list of your competitors.
The amygdale region of the consumer’s brain is rapidly filtering all the information in those tiny portraits to determine who is deemed trustworthy – and who is not. It is not personal . . . it is instinctive. And we all do it. The decision is made in nanoseconds and, before the consumer can consciously justify their choices, they have inevitably scrolled on.
As a result, biology makes this small, seemingly ineffectual picture, rather powerful.

Time to be Honest

The first step to a killer Headshot is to ask the hard questions about your image.
As luck would have it, we have 6 questions to help you. All you need to do is simply answer Yes or No to each one. You can either answer these yourself or better still ask an impartial business owner to do the dirty deed.

  1. Is it up close and sharp, are you well-lit and professionally posed?

A Headshot is a close crop which captures the head or head and shoulders; anything else is a Portrait picture. A professionally taken image will stand out from the sea of cropped snapshots, the out-of-focus selfies and blank profiles.

  1. Would you meet a potential client or walk into a networking event looking as you do in your current profile picture?

Imagine meeting a client to clinch that perfect deal which will make your heart and business soar. In other words, this is you as the figurehead of your business, with your best foot forward.


  1. Are you connected with a warm welcome and engaging eye contact?

The subconscious seeks out these traits whether meeting face to face or through an image. Eye contact is especially deeply rooted in our DNA as it is the most powerful way to feel relevant and validated.

  1. Are you at eye level?

A subject who is looking up or down at the camera can reflect being submissive or overbearing. It is considered polite etiquette to stand up when greeting someone and impolite to stand over someone when speaking with them.


  1. Do you look professional?

This is not a dating or personal profile - it is a business profile. No need for dramatic lighting, fashion poses and overly processed pictures. Avoid cropped snapshots or images of your family, friends or pets (no matter how adorable they are).

  1. Are you easily recognisable?

ie same age, hair colour, hairstyle, glasses etc. Imagine nurturing an on-line relationship only to not recognise them in person. At best it is the opening conversation – at worst it questions trust.


All done! If you answered any questions with ‘No’ there is one more question to ask: Is it time to consider a new headshot?

I hate having my photo taken

Honestly, this is the number 1 response we receive to “We’re Portrait Photographers”.

A headshot photoshoot may feel close and quite intrusive, but it is your photographer’s job to take his or her time and put you at ease. A good pose will make you appear more poised, confident and approachable

You have worked too hard on your business not to make a first good impression.

Lincoln and Perrin
Roth Read Photography